Vicki Gunvalson’s Ex Brooks Ayers Shopping Interview To Tell Truth About Cancer

Vicki Gunvalson split from Brooks Ayers about nine months ago, but he is still causing her problems. Now Brooks is trying to get an interview where he will reveal all about what happened with his cancer drama on the show The Real Housewives of Orange County. Brooks is now saying that he will explain it all and nobody really seems to know what he has to say. Radar Online shared the details of what is going on now with Vicki’s ex and how she isn’t involved regardless of what Brooks Ayers is telling people.

Insiders are now revealing that Brooks Ayers is shopping an interview and he is hoping to get a lot of money for it. Brooks wants to talk about the show, Vicki Gunvalson, and his cancer diagnosis. In this interview, Brooks would explain exactly what happened on the show. This could really upset a lot of people involved with the series if it does end up happening. You never know what secrets Brooks Ayers is going to tell, and it could make some people involved with the show sound bad.

Brooks Ayers left Vicki Gunvalson’s home when they broke up and moved on. The two are not even talking to each other at all now, but that doesn’t mean that Brooks has let it all go. Now he is promising that if he does this interview, Vicki Gunvalson will join him for it and they will tell all about the truth. The thing is Vicki and Brooks aren’t together at all anymore. Brooks can’t speak for Vicki and say that she will do the interview and she is telling a different version. Gunvalson actually revealed that this is not true at all.

“I don’t want anything to do with Brooks. We have been broken up for nine months and I don’t want to talk about his da** cancer.”

She Knows recently shared that Vicki Gunvalson’s new boyfriend also has a shady past. It is now being brought up that back in 1999, a woman named Tammie Jordan accused Jack Losey of pushing her into the fire after she tried to stop him from attacking his now ex-wife Sarah Losey. She did have terrible burns, but Jack’s version is that he was defending himself. This is an old report and there aren’t many updates, but it does make everyone wonder if Vicki Gunvalson is in a bad relationship once again. Hopefully, that is not the case, but viewers just want to get to know more about him and judge for themselves.

Vicki Gunvalson doesn’t want anything to do with Brooks Ayers and this new interview he is shopping around. The thing is, Brooks may still be able to get someone to let him do it and just pay for him to be there. Everyone wants to know the truth about his cancer and what really went down. Brooks had done more than one interview, but hasn’t really given any answers that people are confident about and everyone is still a bit confused about what is the truth. This interview would be interesting.

Are you shocked to hear that Brooks Ayers is trying to sell a big interview about all of this drama? Do you believe Vicki isn’t involved at all? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss The Real Housewives of Orange County when it returns to Bravo. You know that Vicki Gunvalson will be back next season, but don’t expect to see Brooks Ayers around anymore, which fans are happy to hear.

[Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]