‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn Moves Ahead On Her Plan, Will She Really Kill Liam?

Viewers were treated to a juicy episode Monday of The Bold and the Beautiful, and spoilers tease that there is some fabulous drama on the way as the week progresses. Crazy Quinn has decided that perhaps she needs to kill Liam. She tried to talk Deacon into helping her, but he wanted not part of her plan. Will she really move ahead with such an evil scenario?

As Monday’s episode ended, Quinn was planning to take Liam for a hike, and she was still trying to get Deacon to help her eliminate this perceived obstacle to Wyatt’s ongoing happiness. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps share that on Tuesday’s show, Liam will misread some signals from Quinn.

Quinn will share some seemingly romantic sentiments with Liam as this week continues, but she will also talk about how everything has to end. While Deacon was insistent that he would not be responsible for killing Liam, the Bold and Beautiful spoiler previews show that she must convince him to change his mind. Soon, Liam, Quinn, and Deacon will all be up on a cliff, and all signs point toward the two somewhat crazy exes moving ahead with this plan.

Ivy has been in Australia for some time now, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that she returns to town on Tuesday’s show. Steffy will be quick to confront her, assuming that Liam has been back with Ivy over these past weeks. However, Steffy will be a bit stunned to learn that Ivy has had no communication with Liam in recent weeks either.

According to Soap Central, Ivy will quickly learn about Steffy and Wyatt’s engagement, and this news is sure to pack a punch. Once Steffy realizes that her ex-fiance was not in Australia, Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that she will come to believe he must be with Hope, and she will talk with Thomas about her suspicions.

Kim Matula is popping back up again as Hope Logan for a very brief appearance this week, with a potentially longer one in a month or so. The actress recently scored a gig on Season 2 of UnReal, but it looks like she will still make time for a Bold and Beautiful return here and there as well. Will all of Liam’s exes come together to realize at last that he is truly missing?

Bill has been frustrated with his son’s disappearance as well, enticing Wyatt to jump into things at Spencer Publications. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Wyatt will start to get settled into his new gig later in the week, but fans know that his world will surely be turned upside down very soon.

How far will Quinn and Deacon go to eliminate Liam? Could Deacon, the only one who actually knows about “Adam and Eve,” be at risk as Quinn scrambles to maintain control over her secrets? It is not known quite yet whether anyone will end up going over the cliff in this scenario, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that fans should not necessarily be too worried about Liam’s life being snuffed out in this crazy plan.

Most would imagine that there is no way that Quinn will really go so far as to kill her captive, especially now that she has fallen for him. However, when it comes to her antics, there is no such thing as a sure thing. Just how does she manipulate Deacon into helping her up on the cliff? Will Steffy learning from both Ivy and Hope that Liam isn’t with either of them spark a rescue at last? Viewers cannot wait to see where things head on this front, and there is clearly a lot of drama on the way as this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful play out.

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