‘RHOP’ Katie Rost Stands By Her Claim Of Gizelle Bryant’s ‘Promiscuous Behavior’

On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Katie Rost hurled a major accusation at co-star Gizelle Bryant. During the group’s stay in Ashley Darby’s Delaware beach house, Katie claimed that Gizelle has multiple sex partners and has sex in lobbies.

In her blog post recapping the latest episode, Katie stood by her accusation. Apparently, Katie heard the rumors regarding Gizelle and only “repeated” it out of concern for her. Yet Katie also admitted that it came from wanting to get some revenge on Gizelle.

“The Sister Circle was about sharing, not about acting like 5-0 and treating me like a criminal…It wasn’t Gizelle’s place to drop rumors as if they are fact. I am a grown woman. She needs to watch her mouth. I simply gave her a taste of her own medicine the next morning. I repeated things I’ve been concerned about. Promiscuous behavior was something I thought perhaps she wanted to share, I only said it out of concern.”

During a night in the beach house, the women had a “Sister Circle,” where each woman was encouraged to share something personal with the others. Gizelle used the opportunity to not share something deep and personal about herself but to continue questioning Katie’s behavior at a previous party. Previously, at Ashley’s birthday party, Katie publicly made out with her boyfriend, Andrew Martin, while sitting across from the other woman, much to the disgust of Gizelle. During the “Sister Circle,” Gizelle voiced concern for Katie and questioned whether her behavior at Ashley’s party was due to being on drugs.

Thankfully for Katie, Karen Huger chimed up to stop the questioning, saying that it wasn’t an appropriate conversation. Katie ran upstairs to get away from Gizelle.

The next morning, Katie confronted Gizelle. Katie hurled an accusation of her own before walking away.

“I didn’t ask you why you feel the need to have multiple sex partners and have sex in lobbies.”

Yet, according to Gizelle Bryant, Katie Rost is just a liar. In her own blog post, Gizelle called out Katie for making things up. Gizelle pointed out that Katie didn’t even stick around to back up her accusation.

“I love to find out what the streets are saying or what Katie is making up in her fantasy mind. Street Talk Game 101…if you’re going to throw out a rumor then you have to stay and defend your rumor. When you run away faster than Usain Bolt and don’t defend the rumor…well, then everyone thinks what they already know…you’re a LIAR.”

As for her questioning Katie on whether she was on drugs, Gizelle wrote that she “wasn’t the first to bring up Katie’s strange party behavior.”

Later on during the vacation, Katie pulled Gizelle aside to give her a stern warning. Katie told Gizelle to stop talking about her and reminded her that she’s a grown woman who doesn’t need to be told by others how to behave. Gizelle seemed taken aback by Katie’s assertive behavior.

In her blog post, Gizelle surprisingly gave Katie’s more assertive behavior her approval.

“I had never seen an assertive Katie before, this person should show up more often.”

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle also criticized Katie for the comments she made regarding race. Over dinner, Katie, who had previously defended her decision to not identify as either black or white because she’s bi-racial, said that being married to a white man and dealing with his white businessmen friends can be difficult because they don’t tend to really care about issues affecting the black community.

In her confessional interview, Gizelle criticized Katie for wanting to be accepted by the white community. Gizelle said that if Katie, whose ex-husband and current boyfriend are both white, chooses to get married to a white man and have children with him, she’s going to have to deal with the consequences. Gizelle even said that Katie should wake up and realize that white people don’t like her.

“Since when does black lives matter to Katie, when she checks the ‘other’ box…She does a lot of trying to fit in with white people…. Guess what? They don’t like you.”

On Monday morning, in response to a viewer who asked Gizelle why white people wouldn’t like Katie, Katie agreed that Gizelle’s statement was ridiculous.

The drama between Gizelle Bryant and Katie Rost actually began even before they got to Ashley Darby’s beach house. As shown in last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle read out loud snippets of a blog post that Katie wrote years ago to vent about her breakup with Russell Simmons and the arrival of his new girlfriend. As the Inquisitr reported, Katie actually got into a bit of a back-and-forth blog feud with the new woman, whom Katie called a “white, stringy haired b**ch.”

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