Camila Bravo's Instagram DIY Bang-Cutting Video Goes Viral: YouTube Make-Up Star Gets Buzz [Video]

Plenty of women love to accentuate and frame their faces with bangs. As seen in the above photo, actress Keke Palmer sported short bangs when Palmer attended a "Scream Queens" event on Saturday, March 12, in Los Angeles. However, it is the YouTube star known as Camila Bravo who is going viral with a DIY video showing how she cuts her own bangs.

As seen below, Bravo used a unique method to cut her own long set of bangs that isn't popular in the beauty world. At least witnessed by all the attention the video is getting, Bravo may have unearthed a method that is turning heads -- and helping women chop off their own hair to create fabulous bangs.

According to the Daily Mail, Bravo's short video has received more than 20,000 likes on Instagram -- as well as nearly 4,000 comments on the video. In the video, the make-up artist can be seen wetting and brushing a section of her hair, then twisting it tightly before cutting it. Once she lets the section of hair go, Bravo is left with perfect and long bangs that aren't too blunt across her face.

Bravo's DIY bang-cutting lesson is also featured in a video that shows other social media stars cutting their bangs as well. While some cut their own bangs, others have their bangs cut for them using various clips or other tools in another viral bang-cutting video on Facebook. That video has received nearly 1.5 million views and counting.

One of the tools featured in the viral Facebook video is the CreaClip product, which clips onto hair and comes with a leveler that folks can use to determine the slant of the bangs they'd like to create. That product and technique can be seen in the below video.

On Amazon, the reviews of of the CreaClip give it an average 4.3 out of 5 stars as of this writing, from more than 350 customer reviews. While some customers rave about the bang-cutting device, others claim it doesn't work on thick hair -- or doesn't close tightly enough for their liking.

Women have long been warned that cutting their own bangs can be tempting disaster, however, with DIY tutorials such as this one from Bravo, the process is becoming one more easily done at home. The Philadelphia-based cosmetics artist is used to getting plenty of attention online for her popular DIY videos.

A native of Colombia, Bravo's DIY video demonstrating how to easily create the types of long side bangs that can flatter a woman's face is still gaining steam. On YouTube, Bravo enjoys 33,200 subscribers, with 360,344 views on all of her YouTube videos combined. Those aren't bad numbers for a woman who joined YouTube on August 13, 2012 -- but experienced more popularity recently

Bravo's most popular YouTube videos include instructions such as the "How To Do a Wing Liner! || Tips and Tricks" video, which has swelled to more than 50,000 views in the six months since it was uploaded. Bravo includes instructions and links to the plethora of makeup products she uses in her videos.

Another video, titled "How I do Makeup on Someone else || Alexandra's Makeover," has gained more than 40,000 views in six months. Another popular video uploaded only one month ago by Bravo is called "How To Do A Natural Look," and its nearly 16,000 views prove that folks want DIY lessons on natural makeup.

But it's the Kamila Bravo bang-cutting video that's topping them all in popularity. In her description, Bravo warns those who want to attempt to emulate her bang-cutting instructions to leave more room for the length of their bangs if they have curly hair -- since curly hair shrinks to shorter lengths than straight hair.

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP]