Bill Hader Welcomes Daughter Harper

It looks like a very exciting Saturday night for the SNL comedian Bill Hader. Hader, who’s usually doing his best work as a sketch comedy artist on Saturday Night Live, welcomed the birth of his second daughter this past Saturday with wife Maggie Carey.

Bill Hader, 34, and wife Maggie, welcomed Harper Hader in New York City. The little one joins Hader’s first daughter, Hannah Kathryn, 2 1/2. Hader who recently got his first Emmy nomination for SNL for outstanding actor in a comedy series, told People about the joys of parenting, and his missteps the first time around:

[When Hannah] hit her head for the first time, she had that pause moment where she looks at you and my wife is really good because she’s like, ‘Ohh, yay, it’s okay.’ She hit her head and I’m like, ‘NOOOO!’ And she’s like, ‘Wahhh!’ My wife [said], ‘Give her to me, just give her to me!’

In 2006 the comedian and writer, Bill Hader married writer/director Maggie Carey. When it was announced he was expecting his first child with his wife in 2010, Hader jokingly leaked details about his wife’s natural birth plan, saying, “My wife — she wasn’t righteous about it or anything — wanted to try natural, she wanted no epidural, and the other people … got really offended. My wife was like, ‘We’re going to try and tough it out,’ and this guy was like, ‘What? You’re saying my wife’s not tough?’ Huh? Who wants a tough wife? What are you talking about man? He was like, ‘Come on! Wrestle right now.’”

No word on whether or not this was a natural birth as well, but it’s probably safe to say that the couple are over the moon with their second child.