Miley Cyrus’ Wedding Dreams: Marijuana, Aging Rock Stars & Psychedelia

More news about Miley Cyrus’ wedding to Liam Hemsworth has been slowly leaking through alleged insiders and sources. Ever since the pop star showed off her engagement ring back in January, everybody has been wondering when she’ll walk down the aisle and what kind of wedding she’ll have. That’s because Miley has done a complete 360 between the release of her Bangerz and Miley Cyrus and the Dead Petz albums.

It’s no surprise that Miley Cyrus loves to light up with a good joint. The “Wrecking Ball” singer is often seen smoking weed on her Instagram page or on stage at one of her concerts. According to Heat Magazine (via Yahoo! News), Cyrus plans to allow her guests to smoke marijuana at her upcoming wedding. Supposedly, the singer is more interested in having an open cannabis bar instead of the traditional open alcohol bar.

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“Everyone knows Miley loves to throw and outrageous party and her wedding wont’ be any different,” an alleged insider revealed to the British tabloid.

The source also added that Miley has allegedly admitted that her ultimate “dream would be for everyone to get high together” because nothing says love like lighting up with your friends and family on your wedding day. But there’s one person that will get in Miley’s way and that’s her fiancé Liam as he’s more of a “sensible [person] than Miley,” added the source. There’s also been rumors that Liam’s family is a lot more conservative than Miley’s family, which has caused some tension between the couple.

Many fans believed that the couple secretly wed over the holidays with a beach ceremony in Australia. Since their union wasn’t official or legal, Cyrus wants to have another wedding with all of her friends and family, with a certain rock star officiating their wedding.

“Miley wants her wedding to be like a Flaming Lips concert, in other words fun, crazy and colorful. She wants a psychedelic wedding that will be forever be embedded in her head! Flaming Lips concerts are known for being really outrageous and anything goes. The more bizarre, the better, and that’s exactly the kind of dream wedding Miley has in mind. It will for sure be a destination wedding that will last at minimum three days.”

If that’s the case, then that’s a long time to party and get high. Cyrus and Hemsworth surprised fans when they were spotted back together in December 2015, when they decided to get re-engaged following their holiday break. Since then, Cyrus and Hemsworth have been working on their relationship by accepting each other’s differences and getting to know each other again. An insider told the Hollywood Life that Cyrus has been making the effort to tone down her image around her fiancé, in order to keep him happy.

“As far as her image goes, she has already taken huge steps to tone that down. She is a lot softer and far less raunchy these days and that’s all because of Liam. On the flip side, Liam has loosened up a lot – basically they’ve met in the middle over her image and so far so good.”

Sources say that Cyrus is not only changing her wild and carefree personality, but she’s also obliging to keep their relationship out of the public eye these days. That’s why you never see photos of the couple together on their respective Instagram pages.

“Liam’s the complete opposite of Miley and doesn’t want to attract any attention. He thinks that’s the best way for a relationship in the public eye to survive by keeping things private – and Miley is going along with that.”

The insider did add that Miley plans to walk with him at his movie premieres and vice-versa now that she’s starring in Woody Allen’s new Amazon series. Meanwhile, Heat Magazine’s insider also revealed that French designer Simon Jacquemus is planning to design a series of wacky and wild dresses for the singer, as she plans to have a handful of costume changes on her wedding day.

Neither Miley Cyrus nor has her rep responded to these latest rumors. What are your thoughts on Cyrus’ wedding to Hemsworth? Do you think she should go for a psychedelic theme? Or, do you believe she should tone it down? Sound off below in the comments section.

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