Donald Trump Supporter Tells Protesters To ‘Go To Auschwitz’ During Cleveland Rally

Donald Trump’s political rallies have been getting a lot of attention lately, and the majority of that attention isn’t positive.

Last week, a man was punched during a rally in North Carolina, and on Friday, Trump had to call off his rally in Chicago due to security threats. Now, the latest incident to take place at a Donald Trump rally is going viral online.

During Trump’s rally in Cleveland on Saturday, a supporter carrying a Donald Trump poster shouted “Go to Auschwitz… go to f****** Auschwitz,” to a group of protesters as he waved using the Nazi salute, The Telegraph reported. The incident took place outside of the Cleveland International Exposition Center after the rally had ended, and was caught by a protester on video. Watch the video, uploaded by Kyle Bogden, below.

It’s not surprising that the “Go to Auschwitz” remark has garnered thousands of responses from people around the world, with many of them taking to social media to voice their outrage.

“Meanwhile, at a Trump rally in Cleveland, here’s the face of one Trump’s many supporters,” one Facebook user wrote. “I wonder why he attracts such hate-fueled people?”

“This is just a small example of the demographic of Trump supporters. Poll after poll has shown that the less educated one is the more apt one is to support Trump,” another user wrote, before adding, “Can anyone else think of another person who, not only wrote a book, but then proceeded to make the words he penned reality? Anyone remember how that turned-out?”

Still, another user added: “This is so very sad when you have people with such a lack of intelligence. Obviously too young to even know what happened to all the Jewish people at those horrible camps Mindless idiots that just repeat what they have been told. This election has been filled with so much hatred and violence from Trump and his supporters. The GOP debates have been a three ring circus act and they don’t even pertain to any political policies.”

As if one of Donald Trump’s supporters actually said ‘Go back to Auschwitz’, not helping the comparisons there mate

— C:/harlie (@Spetts_) March 13, 2016

Donald Trump has been compared to Adolf Hitler since the election process began, and with each of these incidents, the rumors are fueled more and more. Last week, during a rally, Trump asked his supporters to raise their hand if they pledged to vote for him.

“Don’t forget you all raised your hand, you swore,” Trump said to the crowd afterward. “Bad things happen if you don’t live up to what you just did.”

Immediately, protesters started comparing the hand raise to the Nazi salute. Trump later spoke about the comparison to Hitler, saying he isn’t proud of being compared to someone like him, according to NPR.

“I don’t want to offend anybody, but I can tell you that it’s been amazingly received,” Trump said of the hand-raised pledge. “I don’t know about the Hitler comparison. I hadn’t heard that, but it’s a terrible comparison. I’m not happy about that certainly.” He continued, “Well, I think it’s [the comparisons] ridiculous, I mean we’re having such a great time.”

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]