Jessa Duggar Shares Adorable Photo Of Spurgeon, Is Slammed For Having The ‘Maternal Instincts Of A Pit Viper’ After Admitting She Asks Michelle For Advice [Video]

Jessa Duggar admits that becoming a mother has been a wonderful experience, and the new mama shared another smiling photo of baby Spurgeon — who fans clearly can’t get enough of. In a new Instagram video, Jessa shows off Spurgeon’s ever-growing vocabulary skills!

In the adorable video, Spurgeon shows off a toothless grin as he tries to communicate through coos and babbles with Jessa. In response, Duggar asks her Spurgeon “[w]hat have you been learning?”

Showing off all his new vocabulary skills. ????????❤️ #SpurgeonElliotSeewald

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The baby responds with more smiles and coos, and Jessa explains that the boy is “showing off all his new vocabulary skills.” The baby recently celebrated his four month old anniversary, and although Duggar admitted that Spurgeon “ain’t gotta clue” that it was a special day, to celebrate, Jessa and her husband Ben shared “a pint of white chocolate raspberry ice cream” to celebrate how wonderful their life has become since Spurgeon was born.

In an interview with People, Jessa admitted that raising a newborn at times can get confusing, adding that she’s glad she can rely on her mother, Michelle, for guidance. According to Duggar, her mother “has raised just about every personality type, so I really enjoy learning from her.” Because Spurgeon is still so young, “most of my questions these days are about breastfeeding and when to change diaper sizes,” Jessa admitted.

Jessa also said that she talks to her sister and Jill & Jessa: Counting On co-star Jill Dillard about caring for the newborn. According to Duggar, she enjoys video chatting with her sister, adding that the two “catch up and talk about how Israel is progressing and [I’ll] ask her a question about having a little baby.” Duggar concluded that her sister “is a really great resource for me.”

Even though it is natural for a new mother to have a ton of questions, Jessa was recently slammed over the internet for admitting she relies on her family for answers. One comment accused Jessa of having “all the maternal instincts of a pit viper,” and claimed that Jessa pawned her son off on other members of the Duggar clan, adding that “by advice, she means ‘someone else watching it.’ “

This is not the first time Jessa’s parenting skills have been called into question, and Duggar was recently accused of being a bad mother after admitting that her sister Jana watches Spurgeon at times. Another overly-harsh reader commented that Jessa Duggar “reminds me of a teenager who knows nothing about raising a kid by herself,” because she asks her mother for advice, adding that anyone “can tell she wasn’t really prepared for motherhood.” The reader concluded that Jessa is “a dummy [and her] teen husband is no better.”

With just days until the first full season of Jill & Jessa; Counting On premieres, Jessa confessed that while her brother, Josh, is now out of rehab, trusting her brother is “a process… that you have to work through in your heart,” adding that “trust is not quickly rebuilt” once broken.

Josh Duggar returned home to Springdale, Arkansas, just recently, after completing a six-month stint in an Illinois faith-based rehab center, where he was treated for an admitting pornography addiction. Duggar also admitted to cheating on his wife, Anna, using several Ashley Madison accounts.

Although trust is difficult to rebuild, Jessa concluded that she “definitely [has] forgiven Josh.” Although Jessa did not say whether Josh’s wife, Anna, has forgiven him, Duggar admitted that they “love [Josh] very much, though, and we are very hopeful for the future.” Anna Duggar will be involved with the full season of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, according to the Duggar Family Blog, although TLC has confirmed that Josh will not be making any appearances in the series.

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