Samsung Galaxy S7 Tested: How Waterproof Is IP68?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge has just rolled out to the buying public, and everyone is excited to get their hands on the newest Samsung smartphone.

Ahead of its release last March 11, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge units have already passed many a reviewer’s hand and passed with flying colors, too. In fact, a lot of people are even claiming that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is set to outshine the iPhone 6S. The Wall Street Journal, Gizmodo, and BGR, among others, are all saying how close to perfection the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 borders on perfection

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is beautiful and classy (especially the Galaxy S7 Edge), with generous customizability and an expandable external storage of upto 200 GB, boasting of a DSLR-grade dual-pixel 12 MP camera. Possibilities are literally endless with the Galaxy S7! But among its many interesting and almost-perfect features, the biggest feature that really jumps out in the Samsung Galaxy S7 is its waterproof capability.

Samsung Galaxy S7's camera is top of the line (via Samsung website)

A couple of reviewers already put the Samsung Galaxy S7’s waterproof capability to the test, and the results were interesting.

For context, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have an IP68 rating. What does this mean? Android Central explains that the first number, which is the number 6, explains the dust resistance of the Samsung S7. And this is as good as you can get in the market today. The next number, the number 8, is the rating of the Galaxy S7’s water resistance. A number 8 rating can vary a little depending on product and manufacturer, but by Samsung standards, this means the device can withstand water up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. Clumsy people, worry no more.

But how waterproof exactly is the new Samsung Galaxy S7? Samsung emphasizes that the IP68 rating means the Galaxy S7 is not exactly waterproof, but is more adequately water-resistant. This means you won’t have to worry if you spill some water onto it or see it slide down the bathtub.

But to really see the power of the Samsung Galaxy S7, T-Mobile has taken the liberty of unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge underwater for the really really curious.

T-Mobile testing the Samsung Galaxy S7's water-resistance capability (screenshot of T-Mobile's unboxing video)

Unlike the older water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S5, the S7 dispatched the rubber plugs which previously protected the charger and the earphone holes from incoming water. The Galaxy S7 has protected the phone from inside, so no fancy measures will have to be taken. The speaker at the back is also protected with a screen of some sort to let sound escape as it blocks off water. The phone edges are glued together with a sticky residue and held in place with a couple of screws to keep the water from penetrating through the frame.

Apart from these physical transformations of Samsung’s waterproof ability, the new Galaxy S7 can stand an amazing 30 minutes underwater with no need to be dunked in uncooked rice. Pat dry with a towel, and you’re good to go.

Watch T-Mobile’s underwater unboxing video below–it’s amazing how the person managed to stay seated during the unboxing without floating off into oblivion. Take note, though, that other paraphernalia that come with the Galaxy S7 (such as the earphones and wall charger) are not as waterproof as the Galaxy S7 unit itself, so better to unbox in a drier place. Do not try this at home.

In addition to T-Mobile’s, Harris Craycraft took the Samsung Galaxy S7’s waterproof ability test even further and went swimming with the new device. While this is certainly not recommended, Craycraft proved just how waterproof the new Galaxy S7 really is.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 can might as well be your new underwater camera (screenshot from Craycraft's video)

He was able to take great photos while underwater, record videos, and even jump to the pool with the Galaxy S7 up and running. While the IP68 rating proves that the Samsung Galaxy S7 can withstand up to 1.5 meters, Craycraft was able to test the phone’s recording capabilities up to 9 feet. He even left the phone recording at the pool floor and came up with amazing footage!

Watch Craycraft take the Samsung Galaxy S7 swimming below.

After a good swim with your new Samsung S7 Edge, you can even check inside the phone. Android Community opened the Samsung Galaxy S7 and found a water level indicator inside, at the bottom near the SIM card tray. When safe, it stays white in color, but when it gets in contact with moisture, steam, sweat, or other kinds of water, it will bleed out and turn into a pinkish color. To check the said indicator, you don’t need to open the phone but just take out the SIM and you can have a peek.

Are you ready to shell out around $800 for the new Samsung Galaxy S7?

[Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for Samsung]