Louis Tomlinson Ready To Rebel, Harry Styles Recreating Rock And War History?

Is Louis Tomlinson ready to cut loose in the face of ongoing custody battles with “greedy” baby mama Briana Jungwirth, reported by the Mirror?

Louis has been dropping multiple hints that he longs to escape from all the drama for a while and explore wider horizons. The new dad has definitely had a big 2016 so far, what with the custody battle, tension between Briana and his new girlfriend Danielle Campbell, a “Louis Vs Louis” war with Louis Walsh for a spot on the X Factor and the death of his beloved grandfather Keith, reported by Gossip Cop.

First, Louis put his newly-purchased Hollywood Hills home back on the market. This was a surprise, given Louis’ professed desire to spend as much time as possible with new son Freddie Reign. However, with Freddie now two months old and with baby mama Briana Jungwirth reportedly making it as difficult as possible for Louis to spend time with his son, perhaps the One Direction star has decided that enough is enough.

Louis may be planning to return to his England residence, of course, but it’s also possible that he is planning to take off and travel the world, the way Niall Horan did as soon as One Direction commitments dried up.

Earlier this month the One Direction star was liking pictures of Sydney, Australia on Instagram. Louis has previously said in interviews that Australia is one of his favorite holiday destinations. Could Louis be planning to whisk girlfriend Danielle Campbell away for a trip down under, making up the time together that Briana has effectively robbed them of (the blonde will not allow Louis to see Danielle and his son at the same time)?

Louis and bandmate Niall Horan caught up as soon as Niall had returned from his tour of South East Asia and Australia. Perhaps Niall shared some of his stories, and Louis now has his own case of the travel bug.

Louis certainly seems to be longing for more carefree and innocent times. The star has been waxing nostalgic about his childhood on Instagram. One fan reported that they spotted Louis walking through a park in the dead of night just yesterday, smoking a cigarette.

Finally, Louis has recently been expressing his appreciation for hip-hop and rap artists. This was traditionally more Zayn’s thing.

Perhaps Louis has now developed a stronger taste for rap music, once described by Jay Z as “a path between cultures in the best tradition of popular music.” Could this be another sign that the new dad is feeling a bit of wanderlust? Perhaps rebellious new impulses are stirring in Louis’ soul as he bucks against his new responsibilities and the demands of his cash-hungry baby mama.

In other One Direction news, Harry Styles has been confirmed as a member of the cast of the upcoming Christopher Nolan remake of 1958 classic war film Dunkirk, according to the BBC. The drama “will recreate the events of the World War Two evacuation from the French city Dunkirk in 1940.”

It has not yet been revealed which character Harry will play. However, it is likely that Styles has been cast as Frankie, one of the only 20-something characters in the film, played in the original 1958 film by Sean Barrett.

Intriguingly, an image of Harry’s character Frankie was used on the cover of the Smiths‘ heart-wrenching rock classic “How Soon Is Now?”, which was also covered in the early 00’s by controversial Russian lesbian teen pop group Tatu.

“The cover of the single’s UK release is a still from Leslie Norman’s 1958 Dunkirk, of character Frankie (Sean Barrett), praying. The US single cover, however, uses a backstage photo of the band. According to David Bret’s Morrissey: Scandal and Passion, the cover was changed because the still made the intimation that Sean Barrett was holding his crotch.”

The image was reportedly used for “How Soon Is Now?” because of a striking ambiguity Morrissey and co observed in Frankie’s pose. The young man is kneeling, and though in the original it is clear that he is on the beach with a couple of military officers, the Smiths’ crop makes it look like Frankie is holding his crotch.

Harry Styles has long been a proponent of gay rights and sexual freedom, so perhaps there is a deeper meaning behind his decision to play a character who has represented so much in the history of film, war imagery and pop and rock music.

[AP Photo/Charles Sykes]