‘Shameless’ Spoiler: Steve Kazee Reveals Something About Gus

Steve Kazee did such a great job playing Gus on Shameless that a lot of viewers didn’t want to see him go. He was the least shameless character on the show, but yet, somehow, he was a pleasant contrast to all the chaos.

If you were sad to see Gus, played by Steve Kazee, pouring that cup of coffee on the divorce papers when Fiona was trying to buy a house, there is good news! Steve Kazee has revealed that we have not quite see the last of Gus on Shameless yet!

In season five of the hit Showtime series, Shameless, the crazy and wild mother-figure of the Gallagher clan, hooked up with musician, Gus Pfender, played by Steve Kazee. He was unlike any of the men she’d been with before. He was kind and sweet. But he had his crazy side too, as viewers saw when Fiona and Gus spontaneously decided to get married. Kazee played the role of Gus Pfender perfectly. He gave viewers hope that maybe, just maybe, there was a man out there that could make Fiona settle down. Steve Kazee made women swoon.

Of course, Fiona being Fiona, just couldn’t commit. She left Gus for Sean, sold his grandmothers wedding ring, and filed for divorce when she was trying to buy her house back.

Most viewers thought that it would be the last they would see of Steve Kazee when he poured his coffee over the divorce papers and told her that he didn’t do favors for people he wasn’t friends with.

In a just released video of The Wrap, Steve Kazee revealed the following about the character Gus on Shameless.

“You haven’t seen the last of Gus. He still has some things that need to be resolved,” he said.

In an interview with The Wrap‘s Stuart Brazell, Kazee reveals that he felt that Gus got a bad deal. No one was really able to tell them about Fiona and who she really is, so he didn’t know about her track record. Kazee thinks that Gus was basically just this nice, sweet guy that got screwed over. A lot of fans feel the same way.

There were at least some fans that cheered when Steve Kazee sang The F-Word, the song he wrote for Fiona. It was his chance to tell Fiona how he really felt.

According to the interview he did with The Wrap though, Steve Kazee says that on March 13, fans will get to see just a little bit more of Gus Pfender. And if you know Shameless at all, you can expect something mind blowing. Will it be a big fight in the streets, or will Gus and Fiona end up in bed one more time – a potential out for Fiona with her relationship with Sean?

Whatever happens, it will be worth watching!

If you are a fan of seeing Steve Kazee on television, you will be glad to know that there is more of him to be seen in the near future. Most recently, he has landed a role in the pilot of the CBS drama, Drew. The series is to be a take of the Nancy Drew books, but Nancy is all grown up now and working for the NYPD.

'Shameless' Spoiler: Steve Kazee Reveals Something About Gus

Referring to Steve Kazee’s role in Drew, Deadline says, “Kazee will play Ned, an investigative reporter for the New York Times and Nancy’s former boyfriend.”

Steve Kazee can also be seen in a recurring role in the ABC drama, Nashville.

Kazee has a varied history in entertainment. He’s not exactly a newcomer. Before appearing on television, he appeared on Broadway in plays like Once, To Be Or Not To Be, and Spamalot. The beautiful voice of Steve Kazee will surely be heard in music and on television for years to come.

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