Black Pastor Praises Donald Trump: Pastor Darrell Scott Of Cleveland Calls Trump ‘Humble’ [Video]

There’s a video going viral on YouTube, because it features an African-American pastor praising Donald Trump as he introduces him. Pastor Darrell Scott is featured in the video, which is titled “Black Pastor Brings Down The House at Donald Trump Cleveland Rally!” and has quickly swelled to nearly 18,000 views within hours of being uploaded.

Nearly 10 minutes long, the video shows Pastor Scott singing the praises of Trump.

On Facebook, reaction to the video proves that many Trump supporters are using the endorsement of Trump from a black pastor as proof positive that Trump isn’t racist. However, on Twitter, reaction to the Pastor Darrell video shows that not all people are buying into Pastor Scott’s Trump talk.

During the introduction of the Republican presidential candidate, Pastor Scott spoke of holding prejudicial feelings against Trump prior to meeting him. However, once Pastor Darrell met Trump, he said he was surprised to meet a man who was humble and kind. Pastor Scott pointed to Scripture that had the pastor reasoning that perhaps God raised Trump up for “such a time as this,” to borrow a phrase from the Book of Esther.

On Facebook, user M Patricia Carmichael noted how the pastor turned to the popular Bible verse, one that plenty of Christians recognize as the words that Esther received when she was placed in a position next to the king in order to save her people.

“Pastor Darrell Scott of New Spirit Revival Center Ministries speaks and introduces Donald Trump at a rally in Cleveland, OH and BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE! Love the scripture he quoted…… ‘for such a time as this…….'”

Pastor Scott didn’t touch on controversial and sexist comments made by Trump, as reported by the Inquisitr, which prompted one Ohio couple with children to launch the “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” campaign.

As seen in the photo of Trump above, Trump waved to all of the folks in attendance at the Trump campaign rally, after mounting the stage with much anticipation from his supporters. After Pastor Scott told the Cleveland crowd that he was almost done — and preached about Trump being someone who simply wanted to make America better and dissed the liberal ideals of the nation — Trump eventually appeared.

The crowd in the I-X Center on Saturday, March 12, in Cleveland went wild with applause. Some of them diligently shouted “amen” when prompted to do so by Pastor Scott, as if at a Sunday church service.

Reactions to the video of a black pastor praising Trump are bringing a myriad of differing responses on social media. Some are sharing the video of Pastor Scott along to their Facebook followers — with their own comments added, claiming it’s a video that the “liberal” media would never show.

While some are calling the video of the black pastor speaking about Trump a rousing, inspiring, and anointed experience, others are using much harsher words to describe the event. Via comments on Twitter, some are wondering aloud if the Trump campaign donated money to the pastor in order to receive such an effusive introduction.

Others are none too happy with Pastor Scott holding Trump up as some sort of holy man, and claim that as an African-American man, the pastor is being used by the Trump campaign to claim that blacks support Trump.

More photos of the event can be seen on the Facebook page of James Davis, who added 13 photos and a video of Trump and Bishop Scott on Facebook, calling it “another historic day” with Darrell Scott and Trump.

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