‘Vote Trump, Get Dumped’ — No Sex For 4 Years For Donald Trump Voters, Says #VoteTrumpGetDumped Ohio Couple

A vote for Donald Trump might be a vote against your loins. At least that’s the message of the new “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” campaign spreading around. The “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” campaign was started by Chandler and Blake Smith, as reported by the National Review.

Chandler told the publication that she came up with the “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” idea less than 72 hours ago.

“If Donald objectifies women, he’s objectifying 50.8 percent of America and that’s not cool.”

The “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” movement appears to be the latest tactic to try and stop Trump from progressing (or regressing, as it were to some Donald foes) all the way to the White House. Just as Senator Rubio’s voters in Ohio are being urged to give their precious Ohio votes to Governor Kasich in order to prevent Trump from winning delegates in Ohio, as reported by the Inquisitr, the “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” campaign seeks to stop Donald as well — by denying sex to Trump voters.

The married Ohio couple, who have two young daughters, began the “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” movement and explain that their withholding of sex idea for Trump voters isn’t anything new. In fact, Spike Lee borrowed the plot-line of his Chiraq movie from the ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes’ called “Lysistrata,” with a similar no-sex protest strike.

“Until Trump is defeated, we don’t date, sleep with, or canoodle with Trump supporters. The Greeks did it. Women during the temperance movement did it. This is a tried and true method of getting men’s attention when they’re being dumb.”

As reported by PRNewswire, the “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” press release is asking Donald’s voters to consider turning down Trump supporters for sex — especially in light of the sexist remarks they note that Trump has made. With National Women’s Day still fresh on the minds of those who celebrated the day that placed a spotlight on women, the “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” movement calls on folks to “make America date again” by refusing to vote for Trump.

Smith urged petitioners to consider that a vote for Trump means agreeing with his view of women.

“It’s 4 years of Trump, or 4 years of sex. To cast a vote for Trump is to agree with his sexist, perverted, demeaning, backwards, offensive treatment of women. Do we really want this man to represent us to the rest of the world? Is Donald Trump really who we are?”

The “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” movement also reminded Trump supporters of the words that he has used against women like Carly Fiorina.

“Look at that face. Would anybody vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?! I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not s’posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?”

Whether it’s a man or woman who supports Trump, the “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” movement is urging all of their mates to deny that Trump supporter any good lovin’ — until they agree not to vote for Donald, and then actually follow through with the promise to dump Trump.

“If you vote Trump, understand this: No sex. No dates. No chance.”

The “Vote Trump, Get Dumped” Smith Family wants to save the “United Freaking States of America,” as the press release reads — not just make it great again, as Trump proposes he would try to do.

On Twitter, the #VoteTrumpGetDumped is bringing in myriad reactions.

The “Vote Trump Get Dumped” Twitter page has more than 40,000 followers, with Trump’s own words hurled towards a plethora of women being used against him on the social media site.

On Instagram, the “Vote Trump Get Dumped” movement once again makes its mission clear.

“VoteTrumpGetDumped: As long as Donald J. Trump is in the running, we commit to not dating or sleeping with any man who supports him.”

[AP Photo/Matt Marton]