'Teen Mom 2' Salaries Revealed, Adam Lind Reveals What Chelsea Houska Made

Teen Mom 2 is getting ready to begin airing, and there is plenty of drama surrounding the cast. March 21 will bring the beginning of the seventh season, and fans are anxious to see what their favorites have been up to. Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, and Leah Messer are back for another round. The Teen Mom 2 dads are also back, including Nathan Griffith. There is a lot to address before the season begins, and the stars are all about letting the Teen Mom 2 secrets out on social media.

Adam Lind is one of the Teen Mom 2 dads, and he is not planning to return for an eighth season. He is the father to Aubree, Chelsea Houska's daughter. The two have been separated for several years, and she is currently engaged to be married. Lind has had some issues with Houska, and decided to bash her once again on social media. According to The Ashley, the Teen Mom 2 salaries were exposed during Adam Lind's rant on Instagram. He alleges Chelsea Houska makes $250,000 per season. TheAshley has confirmed that with their source, which means the other three ladies make the same. Lind also went on to say the Teen Mom 2 original dads make close to that amount as well. The original fathers are Lind, Corey Simms, and Jo Rivera. It is unclear what Nathan Griffith, Jeremy Calvert, or Javi Marroquin are bringing in.

It is unclear what brought on the rant from Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind. He often does random things for attention, and attacking Chelsea Houska is one of them. Lind went on to explain he would be filming the Teen Mom 2 reunion show next week, but would not sign on for an eighth season. He wants to be known for "fitness and bodybuilding," not for being on Teen Mom 2. There were also threats that he would not allow Aubree or Paislee to be filmed for the show, but he has no say over Aubree. It is unclear what his custody arrangement is with Paislee's mom, but Chelsea has full custody of Aubree. Lind is going to dig himself a hole with this one, especially once the network executives find out he revealed salary information.

The dads on Teen Mom 2 aren't the focal point, and losing Adam Lind wouldn't be a huge loss. In fact, Chelsea Houska has her own story that has fans interested. She is set to marry Cole DeBoer sometime this fall. She has opted out of a televised wedding, but some of the planning may have been filmed. According to Starcasm, Teen Mom 2 is officially in the past for Adam Lind. He has reiterated over and over again that he will finish his contract for season 7, but will no longer take part in the show. The reunion tapes next week, and then he is free from any contractual obligations.

While the details of the Teen Mom 2 salaries should have never been revealed, it is unlikely that Adam Lind will have any consequences handed down to him. Fans are shocked at what was told at liberty, especially the dollar amounts the cast members make. It is being assumed that the Teen Mom OG cast makes the same, if not more. Fans are absolutely floored at the revelations, and it seems that many of them are true. Lind has no shame over anything he does, and it isn't likely that he would make up lies about things like salaries and circumstances surrounding the show. Teen Mom 2 has had a lot of publicity in the days leading up to the season premiere, and MTV should be seeing decent ratings from all of it.

[Photo via Teen Mom 2/Facebook]