Hero Pit Bull Dogs Work With Police And Firefighters To Redeem Pit Bull Reputation

The pit bull breed has long carried a bad reputation for being violent dogs who may, in a split second, turn on their owners and mutilate or kill them. Many children have also been mauled by the family pit bull. But, much like people, pit bulls cannot be grouped into a stereotype just because of being a certain breed. Two pit bulls have gained attention this week as making a huge leap in redeeming the breed’s reputation.

Pit Bull Kiah dedicates her life to fighting crime.

Kiah is a pit bull who was abused by her former owners. She ended up in an animal shelter in Texas, and was rescued, reports 3 News. This amazing pit bull, whose spirit was not broken by her abusers, has joined the Poughkeepsie Police Department in New York.

Kiah works as a K9 officer, using her sensitive nose to search out stashes of drugs and take a bite out of crime. Justin Bruzgal explained how the pit bull’s personality is a perfect complement to police work, and how she loves her work.

“To get these dogs that have had these drives to be placed in a police department where you can put them to work and they have a purpose, and they’re there to fight crime. You want a dog with high drive, play drive. The ball is a big thing with her. She loves the tennis ball. And that’s her reward.”

The following video shows Kiah in her police uniform (a police collar and tag with a badge on it), interacting with Officer Bruzgal.

Pit Bull Jake overcomes traumatic burns, becomes a member of the Hanahan Fire Department.

ABC News shares the heartwarming story of another sweet little pit bull, Jake. The little guy, only three weeks old, was trapped in a shed when it caught fire. Firefighter William Lindler fought the blaze to bring the pit bull puppy to safety.

“I literally found Jake in the last place you could see before the smoke became pitch black and was too dark to navigate through. He wasn’t doing too good, and I gave him mouth-to-snout breaths until we could get an oxygen mask for him.”

This was no laughing matter. The tiny pit bull puppy was gravely ill. The emergency veterinarian where Jake was taken for treatment told William the pit bull may not survive the injuries from the blaze.

When Lindler learned that the pit bull’s owners were unable to pay for his treatment and care, he was happy to adopt Jake as his own puppy.

Though he survived, the sweet pit bull went through painful treatment for several months, which included having his dead skin scrubbed off daily, as well as laser skin treatments.

“All in all, it was about four months of recovery. Of course, even when he came home, we still had to continue putting special antibiotics and ointments, and his scars will always remain. We actually have to put sunscreen on him when we take him to the beach.”

Jake was sworn in by the fire chief and the mayor as the official Hanahan mascot and honorary firefighter.

[Image via Shutterstock]