Chris Brown Is ‘Protective’ Of Kendall Jenner, Shares New Photo Of Them Together On Instsagram

Chris Brown is reportedly “protective” of 20-year-old Kendall Jenner. As rumors continue to swirl in regard to the alleged couple’s dating life, a source claims Chris Brown is not on board with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star potentially working with “hot criminal” Jeremy Meeks.

Last year, Meeks’ mug shot hit the web, and right away, he caught the attention of many admirers, and continues to do so now that he’s been released. However, if Chris Brown has it his way, his alleged girlfriend will not be one of them.

Following Meeks’ release from prison earlier this month, he took to Instagram, where he revealed he would be working with a modeling agency after landing a deal. Now, fans are wondering whether he will join Jenner in a future campaign. Although Jenner would seemingly have no problem working with Meeks in the future, a source told Hollywood Life on March 11, “[Chris Brown] wouldn’t be cool with it. He’s not going to want this thug around Kendall. He’s protective of her.”

Chris Brown and Kendall Jenner have been close for years, but when it comes to a romance, things appeared to take a turn in that direction earlier this month. The two were seen together in Paris, where they enjoyed a dinner date and shot a remake of “Damn Daniel.” Still, Chris Brown has yet to comment at all on his potential romance with Jenner, and a source claims they aren’t yet an official couple.

“[Chris Brown] and Kendall and are mad tight and there is attraction on both on both sides of this friendship, especially from Chris,” a source told Hollywood Life this week. “Look, Kendall’s hot! She’s a legit runaway model. The real deal, unlike Karrueche. Being a model alone makes Kendall a 10. She’s super cool and dorky like [Chris Brown]. They both have crazy fun when they’re in each others company.”

“She’s perfect for him but [Chris Brown] hasn’t made an official move on her,” the source continued. “He’s really enjoying being her friend now. He doesn’t want to blow up a good thing by committing to a monogamous sexual relationship with her. He’s not ready and neither is she.”

Chris Brown has been single for several months now, but Jenner has allegedly recently split from One Direction’s Harry Styles after a short-lived romance earlier this year. As fans are aware, Jenner has never been very public with her relationships. That said, Chris Brown is a family friend. If the two of them did go public with a romance, he’d likely fit into her life quite well. In fact, as a close friend of Tyga, the boyfriend of Jenner’s younger sister, Kylie, Chris Brown would surely be involved in numerous double dates, or perhaps even a group date with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

“If and when [Chris Brown] decides that Kendall is the one he wants to be serious with he will approach her correctly. He’ll ask Kris Jenner for permission,” the source said.

Following their Paris escapades, Chris Brown returned home, where he shared a photo of himself and Jenner on Instagram, with a caption that read, “So much fun when u hang wit da homies. I miss Europe. VEGAS TIME TO TURN UP!” Chris Brown’s March 12 photo can be seen below.

[Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for H&M]