Russell Wilson And Ciara Engaged, Ciara Fans Troll Ex-Fiance Future

“She said, ‘Yes!'”

Singer Ciara said yes to a marriage proposal from Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and now the loving couple is the toast of the internet. According to an exclusive by People, Wilson surprised his then girlfriend with a holiday vacation after Paris fashion week. Her reps told People he gave her a choice of 30 different exotic locations to guess where they were going.

She ultimately didn’t know and was reportedly “shocked when they landed in the Seychelles at the exclusive resort North Island.”

It’s a very popular romantic destination for celebrities. William and wife Katherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, spent their honeymoon there. Other famous visitors to North Island include Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and Victoria Beckham and David Beckham.

When Ciara was taken to Honeymoon Beach, she had to know at that point that a marriage proposal was coming, but that didn’t stop the delighted squeals of happiness when the two shared their joy in a brief video clip posted to Russell Wilson’s official Instagram.

Since the video went up, it’s received over 133,000 likes and 17,000 comments. Most comments are positive remarks wishing the couple well. Although there are a few naysayers, the negatively there isn’t nearly as strong as what’s being expressed elsewhere on Instagram.

Almost immediately after the engagement was announced, Ciara fans and other trolling well-wishers decided to pass on the “happy news” to the singer’s ex, rapper Future. HollywoodLife reports social media users reacted by posting football, wedding ring, and bride emojis all over his Instagram posts, as well as leaving “harsh comments.”

“‘He ain’t gonna get that b***h back now,’ another user declared. Most comments simply featured a repeating pattern of the ring emoji and frowny faces. ‘I know imma get my b***h back ooohhhh’.. Oh wait oops,’ one user put eloquently.”

“Oh, boy.”

“If you don’t remember, Ciara and Future had a nasty breakup in Aug. 2014, after he allegedly cheated on her. Ouch.”

This teasing may make the rapper especially touchy, as he was recently sued by Ciara for defamation because of the statements he’s made about her being a bad mother. Given the legal situation unfolding, it’s possible we won’t hear much, if anything, from her former beau in response to the engagement announcement.

Many will remember that Ciara appeared on the cover of Bridal magazine just as the ugly break-up with Future occurred. This is something that some had mocked the heartbroken singer for, although the circumstances were ultimately beyond her control.

Ciara has very clearly moved from past relationship drama, and she’s moved on in a way that suggests that she will be very happily married. Russell Wilson said he knew from “day #1” that he would marry Ciara, and the singer posted to her Twitter account that the engagement made her feel “complete.” It definitely sounds promising!

Pro-athletes usually wait until the off-season to get engaged, so an engagement announcement during this time isn’t too shocking. The big question now, of course, is when we can expect a wedding. It’s possible Wilson and Ciara might stay engaged through the next season and then wait until the off-season to marry. It’s also possible the two might tie the knot right before the 2016-2017 season is due to start.

It could be a grand spectacle that would require quite a lot of planning, and if so, it might not be happening right away. It will certainly be fun to speculate until we see the official images and guest list. There’s little doubt that if the loving couple decides to go big, it will be a major celebrity event.

Congratulations to Ciara and Russell Wilson!

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]