‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail And Chad Prepare To Wed While John And Eduardo Angle To Save Marlena And Arianna

Friday brings a huge episode of Days of Our Lives as spoilers tease that it is time for Abigail and Chad to begin their wedding day, but there is also danger lurking. Ben is on the loose, and John and Eduardo are facing big threats as they try to rescue Arianna and Marlena. What can viewers expect in the March 11 episode?

There is some buzz online that Days of Our Lives may end up being pre-empted on Friday, at least in some areas, due to Nancy Reagan’s funeral being broadcast by many stations. If this next episode is pre-empted nationally, the network will likely push Friday’s show to Monday, and move all other episodes out a day as well. Considering all of the action slated to play out in this next show, the network definitely will not want viewers to miss this one.

Just what is set to go down in Friday’s episode? Days of Our Lives spoilers via We Love Soaps indicate that things will get wild at the warehouse where John and Eduardo have gone in hopes of rescuing Marlena and Arianna. Previews seem to indicate that Marlena and Arianna will be able to rush out a door safely, but things get ugly for both Eduardo and John.

Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Eduardo will end up getting shot, and he will have to head into emergency surgery next week. As for John, he is taken captive and will soon learn that someone surprising is behind this: his father. John will soon get answers regarding his background, but this is said to be a dire situation that will take some time to play out.

Abigail and Chad are ready to get married, and Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there are some sweet and heartwarming moments ahead as they prepare to exchange vows. According to Glamour, Abby and Chad will manage to tie the knot, although previews have teased that they will have an interruption that could become quite stressful. Is it Ben popping up to stop the nuptials?

While it is not clear how Ben will shake things up now that he has escaped the psychiatric hospital, Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that he will be involved in some way in the next few episodes as Chad and Abigail’s wedding plays out. It seems that he may have a somewhat surprising motive in returning, however.

Luckily, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Chad and Abigail will successfully wed, and whatever obstacles do arise during their wedding, things are sorted out. Next week, the newlyweds, along with baby Thomas, will head off on a honeymoon. It is known that tougher times are on the way for “Chabby” later this spring, as Kate Mansi is exiting the role, and it looks like a recast will come later in the fall. Fans hope, however, that the couple can have some happy times until then.

There is a bit more related to Hope, Ciara, and Chase on Friday’s episode as well. As viewers saw on Thursday, Ciara confronted Chase about the rape and then brought Hope into the mix, finally telling her what had happened. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that during Friday’s show, Hope will be asking Chase some questions as he is being held at the police station. In addition, Ciara will open up to Theo, seemingly about the rape as well.

Is Ben the one to interrupt Chad and Abigail’s wedding? Will John and Eduardo both survive this shootout as they angle to rescue Marlena and Arianna? There is plenty of drama and action on the way, and Days of Our Lives fans cannot wait to watch it play out.

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