‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Tracy Waits For Answers, Jason Reconnects With Monica, And People Gather For Helena’s Will Reading

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a lot of action set to play out during Thursday’s episode. Tracy had another seizure and is back in the hospital, while Sonny is talking to Michael about Sabrina. Jason is reflecting on his past, while Anna is confronting Griffin about following her. Where are things headed in the March 10 show?

As viewers saw on Thursday, Sonny knows that Carlos is on the run in Europe and Corinthos met up with Michael at the Floating Rib. General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps indicate that during this talk, Sonny will fill Michael in on what he knows about Sabrina and Carlos being on the run together, and he wants to know everything that Michael knows.

Michael has been struggling with a lot of unresolved feelings regarding his ex and the baby in these past few episodes, and this is sure to spark even more regret and worry. While Paul is trying to work out a deal with Carlos, Rivera has refused and Anna is utilizing Sonny on her own to try to track him down. For now, however, Carlos remains out of town.

Dillon is quite worried about Tracy after one of the doctors mentioned the possibility of cancer, but Dr. Munro seems quite sure that the issue may be something else entirely. General Hospital spoilers detail that Dillon will reach out to Ned to share the news of Tracy’s health issues, and Ashton will be headed back to Port Charles soon. According to ABC Soaps in Depth,Wally Kurth will be back in the role of Ned beginning on March 28.

Tracy has been difficult to deal with as the doctors try to sort through this, but viewers have seen that she’s quite scared too. It sounds as if it may take a while yet for answers to be revealed. Does she really have cancer as her primary doctor expects, or could she be suffering from a sneaky poisoning or something else underhanded as some fans are speculating? With Ned returning to Port Charles again later in the month, many believe that this will take a bit to play out with some big twists and turns ahead.

Anna confronted Griffin about following her and she will be pushing him to explain why he’s been hanging around her. Fans have their theories, mostly that he may turn out to be her son, but General Hospital spoilers tease that everybody will have to wait until Friday’s show to learn much more.

Jason had an intense talk with Carly about the Quartermaine family and he spent some time at the family crypt to reflect on things. He took the plaque bearing his name and General Hospital spoilers detail that he will talk with Monica about things during this next episode.

General Hospital spoilers tease another confrontation ahead between Sam and Hayden while others are starting to gather for the reading of Helena’s will. The big reading will play out on Friday’s episode and viewers suspect some juicy twists and turns ahead. Will anything key be revealed about Jake? News has just come out that this character has been recast and fans have a hunch that there could be a juicy storyline ahead on this front.

When and how will Carlos and Sabrina return to town? What is Griffin’s connection to Anna? What did Helena Cassadine put in her will to shake up those attending the reading? Fans cannot wait to see what comes next as it all plays out this week on General Hospital.

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