Kevin Smith Directs ‘The Flash’ For Upcoming Episode, Breaks New Ground In Nerd Culture

Kevin Smith and The Flash might not be a combination you normally find in the same sentence, but the self proclaimed “fat man” is directing an upcoming episode. For DC Comics fans, this could be some great news, since there is almost no bigger fan of comics than the man who created Clerks.

In his early days, Kevin was little more than an indie director with a huge database of knowledge about comics, movies, and TV. He showed us how much he knew when he released Clerks, a film so packed with pop culture references that it was an instant classic among comedies. The success of Clerks led him to start his own cinematic universe, in which stoner buddies Jay and Silent Bob (himself and Jason Mewes) became their own oddball kind of heroes.

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Admittedly, Kevin Smith directing The Flash isn’t something you probably thought would happen, especially since his ongoing podcast is called Fat Man on Batman. You can tell by that title alone that Kevin is a massive fan of DC Comics. In the 90s, Kevin even penned several comics of his own, proving he’s more than just a critic. He’s put in what auto mechanics would call wrench time.

Kevin Smith, besides directing the upcoming Flash episode, has also written a script for an unfortunately dead movie called Superman Lives, and an award winning few episodes of Arrow, reports Comic Book. “Silent Bob” knows his comics, and has even shown his knowledge of major films.

This was shown in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, where Smith’s character uses “the force” to retrieve a lightsaber from across the room to fight Mark Hamill’s Cock Knocker. He had been practicing for the event in Mallrats. Then in Clerks II, the character Randal (Jeff Anderson) had a rather heated argument about Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The marijuana-loving film duo of Jay and Silent Bob even had their own cartoon, where they once even spoofed the 60s Batman with a scene where they appear to be walking up a wall with a rope. Then the scene rotates and you realize they’re just walking. Kevin is more than willing to laugh at himself.

It’s unknown if Kevin Smith’s sense of humor will show up in The Flash when his episode airs. With his credentials, there is an excellent chance that it will be a fan favorite episode, even without his name in the credits.

In case, unlike Kevin Smith, you haven’t seen The Flash, which most people probably have (even Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper mentioned it in an infamous episode of The Big Bang Theory), the premise starts out simple enough. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is a young man living in a leaky apartment when he’s struck by rogue energy from the particle accelerator. He doesn’t know what’s different until he starts moving faster than normal, and eventually he becomes integral to local police investigations, as well as stopping other metahumans whose intentions aren’t so pure.

Eventually, Barry Allen discovers his nemesis’ true identity, and anything further would be spoilers at this point.

It is unknown which episode Kevin Smith is directing for The Flash, but it could easily be the season finale. Could Kevin be planning the next major cliffhanger?

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