Who’s Heading To ‘Bachelor In Paradise?’ Chris Harrison Teases Olivia Caridi, Jubilee Sharpe & Lace Morris

As Season 20 of The Bachelor draws to a close next week, fans of The Bachelor franchise are turning their attention to the The Bachelor‘s other big spin-off, Bachelor In Paradise.

The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise host Chris Harrison recently opened up about who we could be seeing from Ben Higgins most recent turn as Bachelor heading to a tropical locale, and it sounds like there could more than a few familiar faces from the current season of the show heading to paradise.

Speaking out about who from Ben’s season of The Bachelor he’d like to see look for love again on Bachelor In Paradise, Harrison teased that one of his top picks would actually be this seasons’ most controversial contestant, Olivia Caridi.

“Olivia would be fantastic,” Chris told BuddyTV of his dream Bachelor In Paradise cast list earlier this week. “[Olivia] would be wonderful on Bachelor in Paradise… she’s definitely someone that I would hope will join us,” Harrison confessed.

Olivia is sure to bring the OMG to Women Tell All!

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Chris also revealed that he’d like to see double trouble head to the tropical location in the form of twins Haley Ferguson and Emily Ferguson.

“Obviously, the twins I think would be great in paradise,” the host told the site, adding that he also thinks fan favorite Jubilee Sharpe would make a great Bachelor in Paradise contestant.

Harrison even revealed to BuddyTV that he was such a fan of this season’s crop of girls that there are actually “10 or 15” of Season 20’s cast that he would like to see head to Bachelor in Paradise.

“I think this is a really good dynamic group of women that were kind of strong, independent, smart, funny, and obviously beautiful,” Chris Harrison revealed, admitting, “I think we’ve got probably 10 or 15 girls you could pull out this season and bring to paradise.”

Harrison also appeared to confirm that Lace Morris would be joining the show during The Bachelor: The Women Tell All earlier this week, where Morris admitted that she’d be open to joining the series.

Don't chicken out. ???? The women return to spill EVERYTHING on #WomenTellAll tonight!

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“I get that The Bachelor was probably not the right fit for you, but I think I know what will be,” Chris said, “I’d like to know if you’d like to go to Bachelor in Paradise.”

“I knew you were going to say that,” Lace claimed on the special episode, adding “I would like to go to Bachelor in Paradise.”

But as some Bachelor fans ponder which of this season’s ladies will be popping up in the upcoming season on Bachelor in Paradise, which is expected to hit screens for Season 3 in August, others are looking towards the new season of The Bachelorette.

Though ABC are still yet to confirm who will be taking a turn as Bachelorette when the spin-off returns in May, Us Weekly is reporting that the network have already chosen their next Bachelorette and she’s even started filming for the new season – Spoilers ahead!

Us Weekly reported earlier this month that third place finisher Caila Quinn, who narrowly missed out on Ben Higgins heart on the latest season of the popular dating show, will be looking for love once again when the show returns.

Hometowns this Monday...dang this season is going fast. @abcnetwork Monday 8/7c #TheBachelor

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According to an insider who spoke to the site, Caila was spotted with a film crew around her hometown of Hudson, Ohio, earlier this month and appeared to be “filming her Bachelorette intro package.”

ABC are yet to confirm or deny Us Weekly‘s report, though Caila did appear to play coy about whether or not she’ll be returning to reality TV look for love on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette in a recent interview with E! News.

Caila coyly admitted that she would “consider” taking on the role if it were offered to her last week, but admitted that she planned on taking a little time away from the spotlight before she jumps back onto the small screen.

“I fell in love before I could see myself falling in love again,” Caila told E! News, “but I definitely need to take a deep breather for myself and kind of take some me time.”

Who do you think should head to Bachelor in Paradise?

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