Anthony Fagiano Shoots Girlfriend Darcy Buhmann, Then Sends Text Message To Ex Admitting To Murder

Anthony Tobias Fagiano of Bozeman, Montana, killed his girlfriend in cold blood, then sent an unsettling text message to her ex-husband admitting to the crime. Police found the body of Darcy Buhmann, 37, inside her home early Wednesday.

“I just killed the whore it’s best for you, she’ll never be faithful,” Fagiano wrote to Buhmann’s ex, Christopher Wood.

Just before 5:30 a.m., the former husband called 911 to report the message, according to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Police rushed to Buhmann’s home, where they found broken glass and footprints in the snow. The front door was open, so officers entered the residence.

According to investigators, Buhmann’s body was found in a bedroom closet, where she appeared to be hiding. Anthony Fagiano later said he broke into the home around 4:30 a.m. with the intent to kill her. After he found her in a closet, Fagiano claims he shot her once in the stomach and once in the head.

He then left the house, ran into the woods, and sent text messages to family members, including Buhmann’s ex-husband.

Smoking a cigarette, Fagiano was waiting patiently outside police headquarters around 6:20 a.m. A Bozeman officer just coming on shift asked Fagiano what he was doing there. At that point, he casually confessed to the murder.

The officer brought Fagiano inside the station, questioned him further, and then placed the suspect under arrest. According to Fagiano’s statement, there was no doubt in his mind Buhmann was dead when he left the house. He had been planning the murder for “several months.”

Court documents say 35-year-old Fagiano stole a semi-automatic weapon from a friend and purchased ammunition for it the next day. Police found the rifle inside Fagiano’s vehicle, which was in the police station’s parking lot.

Buhmann had taken out two restraining orders against him over the past year. The most recent one was February 21 which listed Fagiano as her ex-boyfriend.

In the January petition seeking the recent restraining order, Buhmann described her fear.

“I am terrified for the safety of me and my children. It would not surprise me if he tried raping or seriously injuring me. He is dangerous and unpredictable. I am constantly watching my back and afraid.”

The suspect has been charged with deliberate homicide, and Gallatin County Justice Court Judge Rick West set bail at $1 million. Mary Kramer, Fagiano’s defense attorney, did not contest the amount of the bail but may ask for a reduction once the case is moved to Gallatin County District Court.

“He has violent tendencies. He’s an extreme risk to the members of this community.” Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert said in court. “This case is an example of why domestic violence matters need to be taken so seriously.”

Darcy Buhmann was born and raised in Chinook, Montana. She had two daughters and a thriving massage business in downtown Bozeman.

“She adored her kids,” said Jessie May Campbell, who had known Buhmann for over five years. “She always lit up when she talked about them.”

Buhmann also hosted a radio show named The Femme Fatale Show, which aired on Montana State University’s public radio station.

During a press conference yesterday afternoon, Bozeman police Captain Andy Knight did not reveal if anyone else was in the house during the murder. However, he did say that Buhmann’s two children were safe.

Investigators stayed at the house all day Wednesday as evidence was still being collected and neighbors were being interviewed. The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office and Coroner’s Office are assisting in the case, Knight said.

Bozeman, Montana, does not have very many incidences of murder or domestic violence. The last time police investigated a homicide was nearly three years ago, when Cody Little shot and killed another man, Larry Clayton, after a party in September 2013.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Bozeman woman assaulted her boyfriend for talking while in a deep sleep in June 2014.

As police investigate the events that led up to the shooting death of Darcy Buhmann, they already know Anthony Tobias Fagiano has a history of violence. He has several previous convictions for domestic battery, assault, and a 2014 probation violation related to a felony offense. He also was charged with a DUI and disorderly conduct in March 2011.

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