Montana Woman Assaults Boyfriend For Sleep Talking

On Monday, Montana woman Sara Ann Bade was charged with assault after hurting her boyfriend for sleep talking.

According to Examiner, Bade heard her boyfriend sleep talking and saying a number of bad things about her while he was sleeping. Enraged, Bade kicked, punched, and threw empty bottles at her boyfriend. Bade’s boyfriend woke up with his girlfriend beating her.

Bade’s boyfriend attempted to flee the scene, but Bade followed him outside their home and even grabbed a shotgun to threaten the guy. The boyfriend hopped into his car in an effort to drive away, but Sara Ann was quick to hit the driver’s window multiple times with the shotgun that she carried. She also fired the shotgun at one of the tires to prevent her boyfriend from leaving. Her boyfriend got out of the car and later called 911.

Sara Ann Bade was arrested at around 2 am in her home on Monday and was held in the Gallatin County jail on a $5,000 bail, Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports.

Although Bade’s boyfriend sustained some serious injuries on his left arm and ribcage, he insisted that he was fine and refused to seek medical treatment. However, it is safe to say that his relationship with Bade is over.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found Bade crouched behind the bushes. She admitted to the authorities that she hit her boyfriend with a shotgun, but said that she did it in self-defense, as she said that he was the one who hit her first. According to her statement, they were having a fight and she asked her boyfriend to leave, but he refused to do so.

Police are still investigating the incident and are looking into both sides of the story. They are trying to find out what the real reason for the fight was, and what the boyfriend said while sleep talking that might have set off Bade.

Sleep talking or somniloquy is a condition that can occur by itself or as a result of a sleep disorder. Studies indicate that sleep talking is common and is reported in 50% of young children. The condition can continue into adulthood, too.

Although sleep talking is harmless, it can wake up others and cause them to be alarmed – as evidenced by what happened with Bade and her boyfriend.

Sara Ann Bade is expected to enter a plea to the felony charge of assault in District Court.

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