March 10, 2016
WWE News: Seth Rollins Is Back In The Ring Training, Returning Far Ahead Of Schedule?

When WWE Superstar Seth Rollins went down to a terrible knee injury, WWE fans felt terrible. He was really the one constant that many fans felt would be a key help to the WrestleMania card. Whether he would be in the main event or in a top part of the card, many assumed he would surely be a big part of the card this year. The knee injury ruined any hope of a potential match. On top of this, many assumed he would be back by WWE SummerSlam at the earliest.

The prognosis for his recovery was anywhere between six and nine months. Many times, the ACL alone would be an issue that an athlete would have to deal with. However, Rollins hurt his MCL, among other areas. He literally tore everything in his knee, it seems. This led most to believe he would most likely need all the prognosis time to recover. Don't tell that to Seth Rollins though, as he wanted to get back quickly.

When in Birmingham, he was attempting two different rehabs a day. He had the surgery with Dr. James Andrews' crew and was in the hands of some of the best rehabilitation people in the world. This is not normal, as most only do one, which is said to be perfectly fine.

Rollins SD
image via WWE

On top of this, he was off of his crutches relatively quickly. The man was a machine in his recovery, and now according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, he is back in the ring training.

Seth Rollins was spotted at his wrestling school, known as the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy, which is located in Illinois. He was seen working in the ring without a knee brace, which is amazing at this point in his recovery, as most aren't off the brace until six months and he is doing this in a little over four. He comes in to train multiple times a week, but he does play is safe in regard to his ring work. That means he is not ready to come back right now, but he is attempting to come back much earlier than anticipated.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been at the WWE Performance Center to train as well with the likes of other injured stars like John Cena and Cesaro. The fact that the man tore his ACL, MCL, and menial meniscus and is back in the ring and walking without a brace right now is almost unheard of.

Rollins Mania
image via WWE

His training style with Crossfit has normally helped him avoid injury, so when he did get hurt, it was surprising. However, he did do it with style, as he tore pretty much all of what the knee had.

The biggest issue for Rollins was the timing of it all. The original idea for Seth Rollins was that he would drop the WWE World Title to Roman Reigns and remain part of the main event scene for the lead up to WrestleMania. The plan was then for him and Triple H to have a falling out, which would then allow for The Game to take on The Architect at WrestleMania 32. It is unknown now what WWE would do if John Cena still got hurt and Rollins was still around.

Some speculate it would be Seth Rollins in the place of Triple H for WrestleMania. However, it is truly unknown what would happen if this occurred. Rollins was expected back by August, but now it does appear that he will be back by May or June. His return will probably not be announced ahead of time so that he can have a big return like many have hoped.

[Image via WWE]