Crystal Harris Speaks Out, Reveals She Has Lyme Disease

Hugh Hefner’s wife, Crystal Harris, is now speaking out and revealing that she has Lyme disease. E! Online shared that Crystal is speaking out about the battle and what is going on with her now. Crystal went to her Instagram page to share the details.

This is the same disease that Yolanda Foster and Avril Lavigne are battling. If you have watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at all, then you have seen Yolanda’s battle and what is going on with her. Here is what Crystal Harris shared.

“If you have EVER GONE HIKING, please get tested for #LymeDisease. The best lab to do this is called ‘Igenex’ they are based out of Palo Alto. I was diagnosed a few days ago and have a long road ahead of me.”

The thing is Crystal Harris has no idea how she ended up with Lyme disease, but she is sharing the details.

“Supposedly you get it from ticks but I have absolutely no recollection of being bit or having a rash or ANYTHING. Most importantly there are SO MANY of you carrying Lyme that don’t even know you have it. Probably because the ticks can be the size of specs. I always thought of ticks to be big and noticeable. The symptoms are vast and when it has been left untreated for a long time can turn into MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia and ALS.”

Crystal Harris is dealing with this disease now, but she seems to be ready for the battle. Crystal went on to talk about the symptoms of Lyme disease and shared that it can be things as simple as sore muscles. A few other symptoms are bladder pain, vision or hearing problems, or swollen lymph nodes. If you are having problems that you don’t know what is causing, Crystal explains that it could be Lyme disease.

Crystal Harris said that she had been blaming not feeling well on stress and other things, but that was not the case. She even had doctors tell her that it was all in her head or that nothing was wrong, but finally Crystal Harris has an answer, and it is Lyme disease. Crystal Harris went on to share that there are other ways that you can get Lyme disease as well. She said “Lyme is also related to syphilis and can be sexually transmitted and also passed from mother to child during pregnancy.”

At this time, Crystal Harris is not sharing exactly how long she has been suffering or what her plan is for treatment. She is just happy to finally have answers and know what is going on with her. It sounds like Crystal has been dealing with being misdiagnosed for a long time. She was told that she was just fine, but that was not the reality of it.

E! Online shared that as of December of 2015, Crystal Harris was celebrating her 3rd anniversary with Hugh Hefner. It has already been three years since these two got married. Now that Crystal and Hef are married, he seems to be happy with her and the time of their reality show, The Girls Next Door, is over. These two seem really happy together, and Crystal is lucky to have Hef by her side during her battle with Lyme disease.

When it was time to marry Hef, Crystal had a bit of cold feet, but she ended up going through with the wedding. Hef dated Holly Madison for years, but the two never actually tied the knot. Now, he has Crystal by his side.

Are you shocked to hear that Crystal Harris has Lyme disease? Have you ever been checked out for this disease? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]