‘Days Of Our Lives’ Casting News: Kate Mansi Replacement Being Sought, Who Will Play Abigail Deveraux?

The characters of Abigail Deveraux and Chad DiMera are about to get married on Days of Our Lives, but spoilers have been teasing that the couple will be facing serious obstacles in the episodes ahead. Ben Weston is on the loose and fans expect this to cause some serious waves for “Chabby.” In addition, actress Kate Mansi has chosen to leave the sudser and until now, DOOL has said little about what they will do with the character of Abby after Mansi’s departure. Now, however, new information is emerging.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Days of Our Lives has just put out a breakdown for a role they are casting and they are even detailing that it is for Kate’s character of Abigail. At one point, the show had indicated it was casting for a character named “Val” who seemed like it may well actually be Abby, but nothing seemingly ever came of that one. Fans have been curious to know what would happen with Mansi’s character in the wake of the actress’ decision to leave DOOL, and now it seems fans have some answers.


The character breakdown details that Abigail comes from a loving home, is 26-years-old and has experienced many difficulties throughout her life. Abigail has made mistakes, is fiercely loyal and wins over everybody she meets. The breakdown indicates that the cast is on a filming break right now, but that the new actress cast should anticipate starting in late April.

Though there had never been any solid intel indicating that Abby would be killed off, some Days of Our Lives spoilers and rumors had been speculating about the possibility. Many have a hunch that Mansi’s exit from the soap will somehow link to the brief return coming this spring of Matthew Ashford, who played Jack Deveraux and died several years back. Fans would have been quite upset to see Abby killed off, but the fact that no actress seemed to have stepped into the role yet given that Kate wrapped her scenes months ago made some wonder if that’s where the sudser was going with this departure.


Kate Mansi reportedly finished filming last December, and given the delay between filming and air dates, that means that her last scenes as Abigail will air late this spring. Given the fact that Days of Our Lives is looking to recast, but hasn’t found the right person yet, it sounds as if fans can expect that Abby will be leaving Salem for a bit over the summer in some fashion. Will she simply leave town for a while to work through all she’s been through with Ben’s reign of terror? Could she have a breakdown and need to be hospitalized for a while as some are speculating?

As Michael Fairman On Air-On Soaps confirms, Days of Our Lives has been working on this recast for Kate for a while now with no success. Despite reports of multiple casting calls and casting breakdowns, the search continues. These are certainly big shoes to fill and fans will likely be very anxious about any actress brought in to take over the gig playing Abigail Deveraux.

There had been quite a bit of buzz that Days of Our Lives might snag Rebecca Herbst from General Hospital for the gig, since there has been a lot of talk that Herbst is having trouble with her current contract negotiations. While there has been no official word yet about Herbst’s decision regarding GH and whether she will stay put in the role of Elizabeth Webber, the idea of her heading to DOOL to take over Mansi’s gig as Abigail Deveraux has sparked a lot of buzz.

Some think that Herbst simply wouldn’t be the right fit to become Abby while others love the idea. Whether this possibility was truly in the works or not, it seems based on this new Days of Our Lives casting call, the show is still looking for the right match.

Do you think the DOOL should go with an established soap star, and if so, which actress should they sign? What will the show do with the character of Abigail Deveraux from the time that Kate Mansi leaves until a new actress can begin filming? Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Abby and Chad’s wedding will hit some bumps later this week, but that they will ultimately tie the knot and fans cannot wait to see what happens next.

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