November 30, 2015
'Days Of Our Lives' Cast News: Matthew Ashford To Return As Jack Deveraux, What's The Scoop?

Rumors have been swirling for a while now that another key character would make a surprise return on Days of Our Lives, and now there is confirmation it is happening. Fans have been itching for DOOL to find a way to bring back Matthew Ashford in the role of Jack Deveraux, and it is now coming together. What's the scoop?

Matthew Ashford has played Jack Deveraux Sr. off-and-on for years, last appearing in the role in August 2012. Though several other actors appeared as Jack over the years, Ashford is the one who DOOL fans always go back to as the core actor for the part. Although Jack was killed off in 2012, many have buzzed about bringing him back somehow how.

From the sounds of things, there is both good news and bad news woven into the news of Matthew Ashford's return to Days of Our Lives. According to TV Insider, Ashford will be back on the show, and he begins filming this week. Given the fact that DOOL films about six months ahead of the air dates, this means that Jack's new storyline will air in the late spring.

Fans are rejoicing over the news that Jack Deveraux Sr. will be back somehow. Unfortunately, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that he is only back for five episodes. While viewers would love to see Jack return in a regular capacity, giving Jennifer a significant storyline again and lending support to his kids Abigail and JJ, it seems he is coming back only long enough to shake things up briefly.

Will Jack actually turn out to be alive, or will he appear as a vision or spirit for someone in the family? Given the short nature of his return, some suspect that he will not prove to magically still be alive as some had been hoping. Considering all that has been happening in Abigail's life lately, it is conceivable that Jack would reappear in some way to help Abigail.

However, given the timing of his return, there will be plenty of developments regarding Abigail and her baby before Jack's short return. There has been some buzz that Kate Mansi may be leaving the role of Abigail, but so far nothing has been confirmed. If that is the case, fans could see how a Mansi exit and brief Ashford return might be connected in some way to pave the way for her departure or a recast.

There will surely be more Days of Our Lives spoilers emerging before Matthew Ashford's short run as Jack Deveraux begins. The show is not dishing out any details about this return as of yet, however, executive producer Ken Corday previously said there would not be any additional characters returning from the dead.

As She Knows Soaps details, Ashford has frequently noted that he was open to a return to the soap he called home for so many years. While having been killed off in the elevator crash obviously threw a wrench into the quest by fans to bring him back, in the land of soap operas, anything is possible, especially when it is Days of Our Lives.

Fans will have to wait and see just how it is that Jack Deveraux returns to Salem and Days of Our Lives next spring. If indeed he comes back in spirit form or a vision of some sort, just what is it that sparks the return? Will there be serious trouble coming soon for Jennifer, Abigail, or JJ that leads to Jack's reappearance?

While DOOL fans would prefer a much longer return and a true revival of this character, it seems that everybody is happy to at least see some sort of storyline involving Jack Deveraux again. The timing would indicate that this is not the big return some Days stars had teased not long ago, but this news does indeed get viewers buzzing. Stay tuned for more Days of Our Lives spoilers regarding Matthew Ashford's spring return as additional information becomes available.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]