Porsha Williams On Her Business: ‘I Was So Freaked Out’

Porsha Williams has spent her time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta building her business. It is no secret that Williams was left with almost nothing after she divorced Kordell Stewart. Williams has been working on getting her business off the ground, and she shared her lingerie photo shoot on this week’s episode of the show. And with the help of Cynthia Bailey, she got some gorgeous pictures. However, Porsha quickly learned that she may not have full control of her business without her sister’s help.

According to a new Bravo report, Porsha Williams is now revealing that she panicked when she learned that her sister wasn’t going to show up for her photo shoot. Williams’ sister Lauren had played a huge part in setting everything up, so when Porsha learned that her sister wouldn’t be showing up, panic set in.

“I was so freaked out when Lauren said she wasn’t going to be coming to the shoot, because we work so well as a team. I’m glad she was prepared and prepped a lot for the shoot! I had to put my big girl panties on and get the job done, knowing that she was sending me her love and support. I’m so blessed to have a great team around me including a great photographer, Dwayne Rogers, who assisted in making the models comfortable and ready to slay!” Porsha Williams reveals, sharing that she managed to get things done — even though she did end up losing the sunlight during the photo shoot.

But the photo shoot did end up going well, and Porsha Williams got some sexy shoots. Even though she lost the sunlight early on, she revealed that she got the photo shoot she wanted, as she wanted something for the customer.

“I really wanted to create a visual for our customer! A lot of times women only think you can wear lingerie in the bedroom. However with Naked Lingerie we have a wide variety of sexy pieces for you to enjoy in whatever you are doing at home! The line is designed for the everyday woman; no matter what size you are, you are fabulous and we have pieces to accentuate and flatter your figure!” Porsha Williams revealed about her photo shoot, explaining that she wanted a natural look but staying sexy.

Of course, this new Williams is very different from the woman who was married to Kordell Stewart a few seasons ago. She’s sexier, she’s more confident, and she’s a stronger person, as she’s pursuing her dreams. While Kordell hasn’t said much about his ex-wife, one can imagine he isn’t too pleased about her newfound confidence. He liked to keep Porsha at home as a housewife, not a successful business owner.

“I am so excited that after three years of preparation my online site NakedLingerieBoutique.com is now up and running! I put a lot into the shoot and had a lot riding on its outcome! I know that I could not have done it without my sister’s hard work, and I’m excited to see where our brand will go from here! I was so impressed with how all of our pictures turned out. I can’t say enough about how good Cynthia was; she really came in and was professional and focused on representing the line well! All of the photos from the shoot have been used on the site in one way or another. I hope that all of our Naked customers enjoy this line; it was truly a labor of love and each piece was designed with every woman in mind,” Porsha Williams explains of her new business.

But Porsha is making headlines these days for something other than her business. She recently got a nose job and fans love the new look, according to E! Online.

What do you think of Porsha Williams’ new look? Are you surprised that she’s so determined to make it work for herself?

[Image via Instagram]