Did Tila Tequila Delete Her Twitter Account After Her Flat Earth Rant Got Her In Trouble

Former reality star Tila Tequila has been making national headlines with her crazy Twitter rants, but she’s fallen silent recently, and a quick online check reveals her social media account may have been deleted.

Tila has been telling everyone she died in 2012, was resurrected as a clone of herself, and we’ll all miss her when she leaves this Earth for good, and now she appears to have left the Twitter world… possibly for good.

Tequila, who started life as Tila Nguyen before making it big on MySpace, goes by the Twitter handle @AngelTilaLove, or at least she did until last week.

Twitter users first noticed Tila’s absence March 3 when her profile page started displaying an error message, and the Observer was quick to send up the panic flag.

Something weird is going on with Tila Tequila’s Twitter Account.

She didn’t even leave a goodbye note.


Tila still has her Facebook page and Instagram account, and the former reality star hasn’t acknowledged the disappearance of her Twitter account, so the world is left wondering just what happened, but it’s time to admit we may never know.

It’s possible Twitter suspended her account; it’s certainly happened to Tila before.

Earlier this year, Ms. Tequila went on GoFundMe and asked fans to pay for a new apartment for her and her daughter, Isabella, because the reality star’s old home was too expensive. She began that page ranting about the government and conspiracies, so GoFundMe took her site down.


When Tila reposted a few days later, she left out the conspiracy theories and the crowd funding site allowed her to raise several thousand dollars for a new home and furniture from fans, whom she promised to call and thank.

It’s also possible Tila’s crazy rants have gotten her in trouble with her baby daddy, Thomas Whitaker, who is suing for custody of the couple’s daughter, claiming the former reality star is mentally unstable.


Ms. Tequila’s crazy Twitter rant claiming the Earth is really flat probably didn’t help her case, and in fact she may have been responsible for starting a feud between rapper B.o.B. and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Then came the time Tila joined the anti-vaccine movement, claiming the medical injections harmed the very children they were supposed to help.

It’s also possible that Tila’s hate-filled rants against the rest of the world was simply too much for Twitter to handle and they kicked her off the social media platform.


Tequila called out Nicki Minaj in February for her use of the racially offensive N-word slur. Then she went on Twitter and threatened to shoot up a theater, which was probably not a good idea and anyway is strictly against the social media giant’s rules.

You may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism.

The world may never know what really happened to Tila Tequila’s Twitter account. Maybe the former reality star was right all along and the tall white aliens were simply waiting to rescue the internet’s favorite actress from all the stress of this world.

Maybe the big deity in the sky looked down and saw the Tila clone was having difficulties and decided to reprogram it; we may never know.

Come back Tila we miss you.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Ethan Miller/Michael Buckner/Getty Images