‘Law & Order: SVU’: Mariska Hargitay Staying On ‘SVU’ — But Olivia Benson Won’t Get Job Back Easily

Law & Order: SVU actress Mariska Hargitay has played Olivia Benson since the show began. Now in its 17th season, it would be difficult to imagine Law & Order without her. On the last episode of SVU, Benson was told to pack up her desk because of her connection to Tucker, who is under investigation. It was a shocking cliffhanger, and fans were livid that Hargitay might no longer be part of the cast. Everyone can relax now, because it has been confirmed that Mariska isn’t going anywhere. However, Olivia Benson getting her job back won’t be an easy task.

What makes the Law & Order: SVU cliffhanger even more frustrating is that the show went on a three-week hiatus. Fans were not happy with the ending of Season 17, Episode 17. On “Manhattan Transfer,” some viewers thought Olivia Benson was fired. However, that was not the case. As the title implies, she was transferred until the investigation is complete. Then, a final decision will be made. Expect to see Benson in the future, but Olivia won’t have an easy time getting her job back.

“She knows there’s nothing she can do right now,” executive producer Warren Leight said about Olivia Benson‘s storyline on Law & Order: SVU. “It’s extremely disorienting to her. The other guy who also doesn’t have his job at the moment is Tucker. The two of them are officially sidelined. Unofficially, can they figure out what’s going on, how powerful is this ring, or is Tucker involved?”

Fans were so upset about Mariska Hargitay possibly leaving Law & Order: SVU that some threatened to quit watching the show. Others tweeted their rage, not understanding how the writers could come up with such an upsetting storyline. Even though it is confirmed that Mariska is still part of the cast, will Hargitay be seen in the next few episodes? Will Benson and Tucker’s “unofficial” investigation lead to any results? Just how long will it take before Benson can return to the Special Victims Unit? Those questions have not been answered yet.

Knowing Benson, the Law & Order: SVU character will not sit back and hope others can clear her name. Olivia is proactive and always must be doing something. Her name, career, and reputation are on the line. Since she is involved with Tucker, she also wants to find out for sure if Tucker was involved or not. It is likely Mariska’s character will be working quietly behind-the-scenes trying to dig up information and track down leads. However, she needs to be careful. If anyone in charge finds out, she could find herself on a permanent leave of absence. Thankfully, Olivia Benson has a loyal and devoted squad who will do what they can to get to the truth.

As for the next episode of Law & Order: SVU, “Unholiest Alliance” is the title of Season 17, Episode 18. Spoilers Guide released the synopsis, which indicates the Catholic schoolgirl sex ring investigation will continue. The squad will try to untangle the lies and expose the cover-ups that involve not only the church but police officers, district attorneys, a judge, and even congressmen. Benson’s character was not mentioned in the synopsis, but that doesn’t mean she won’t appear or be mentioned. Fans will just have to wait to find out what will happen with Mariska Hargitay’s character on Law & Order: SVU when it returns.


What did you think of Olivia Benson packing up her desk on the last episode of Law & Order: SVU? Were you confident Mariska Hargitay was staying on the show? Were you worried that the actress was really leaving for good?

[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for IFP]