‘The 100’ Season 3 Spoilers: How Will Clarke Deal With Lexa’s Death?

The 100 fans were delivered a shock last week. Even though many consider Season 3, Episode 7 to be the best yet, it was also heartbreaking for Clexa shippers. Some fans speculated that Lexa could die this season, especially with actress Alycia Debnam-Carey starring on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. However, most who correctly predicted Lexa’s death probably did not expect it to happen the way it did. With Lexa dying on The 100, what does this mean for Clarke? How will she handle the death moving forward?

In an interview with Zap2It, The 100 creator and executive producer Jason Rothenberg spoke about Lexa’s death and what it means for Clarke. Just like in the real world, Clarke is going to have to keep moving forward. She will be in deep mourning, but Clarke really doesn’t have the time to grieve right now. Her people are in danger, and there are multiple threats that the Sky People must deal with. However, that doesn’t mean that Clarke won’t be thinking about Lexa. Rothenberg explained that on future episodes of The 100, Clarke will try to fulfill Lexa’s mission. Jason specifically said that Clarke will “carry with her Lexa’s legacy.”

Something that many people are not discussing is the possible guilt Clarke may feel over Lexa’s death. When it happened, Lexa was protecting Clarke. Titus didn’t intend to kill the commander on The 100. His goal was to eliminate Clarke, but Lexa intercepted. As seen following the events at Mount Weather, Clarke has a difficult time dealing with the effects of difficult decisions. While she was able to run away and deal with her feelings on her own after Mount Weather, things are different now. The Sky People are in danger on The 100. Not only do the Grounders want justice for the massacre of their army, but Pike is a major threat to everyone. It is likely Clarke will feel some guilt, but perhaps that is why she will be so dedicated to completing what Lexa was trying to accomplish.

After Lexa’s death on The 100, Clarke witnessed something bizarre. Out of Lexa’s neck, a high-tech device was extracted. Titus explained that it was Lexa’s spirit. It turns out that little object held the “spirit” of all the previous commanders — and now will include Lexa’s, too. Some fans of The 100 may remember when Lexa said the previous commanders visited her in dreams. Jason Rothenberg told TV Line that the commander is a “reincarnated position.” Could this perhaps give Clarke some hope of seeing Lexa again? Perhaps not in a physical sense, but see a digital or hologram-based version of Lexa?

This will likely only happen if Clarke gets the device implanted in her body. As far as we know, only commanders receive the implant. Right now, there is a huge debate among fans of The 100 on whether it is even a possibility. On the one hand, the Grounders don’t trust Clarke or even Octavia because they are Sky People. However, it would make an interesting twist if the clan didn’t have a choice in commanders and Clarke was “called” to the position. It doesn’t seem likely, but stranger things have happened on The 100.

If Lexa died last season on The 100, then Clarke would probably handle her death quite differently. It seems that Clarke will go through a devastating loss, but there are other things to deal with right now. First, Clarke needs to protect her people from multiple threats — both inside and outside the Arkadian walls. She will also have to deal with the Grounders, who all want justice for Pike’s anti-Grounder massacre. As for the new commander, what will she be like? Will Lexa “speak” to the new commander on The 100 about Clarke? Or will the new leader look at Clarke as an outsider and someone who needs to be eliminated?

The next episode of The 100 airs Thursday night on the CW network.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]