Kim Kardashian Slams Chloe Grace Moretz & Piers Morgan In Nude Selfie Backlash: Jealous Kanye West Forbids Divorce?

Kim Kardashian is bashing critics of her most recent naked selfie. Some are claiming that only Photoshop could have achieved that perfect post-baby body pictured in the sexy selfie. Others, however, are insisting that it’s a throwback picture that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recycled and tried to pass off as her current body, as the Inquisitr reported.

Now some celebrities, including Piers Morgan and Chloe Grace Moretz, are participating in the selfie body backlash for reasons ranging from a chance to mock to an opportunity to make a point about a woman choosing to use her naked body for publicity.

The brouhaha over the 35-year-old celebrity mom’s selfie began when she headed to social media and shared a picture of her completely undressed body, just 13 weeks after welcoming North’s baby brother into the world. (You can view her full NSFW selfie here, and the top part below).

Kim Kardashian posted a fully nude selfie just weeks after giving birth.
Kim Kardashian posted a fully nude selfie just weeks after giving birth. [Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

“When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL,” she wrote.

But while some did think it was an “LOL,” others weren’t so amused, including Chloe Grace Moretz, pointed out the Wrap.

“@KimKardashian I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than … just their bodies,” posted Chloe Grace on Twitter.

Moretz took it a step further when she was criticized for “slut shaming,” contending that celebrities should be respectful of the publicity that they receive.

Chloe Moretz slams Kim Kardashian's nude selfie.
Chloe Moretz slams Kim Kardashian's nude selfie. [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

“There’s a huge difference in respecting the platform that you’re given as a celebrity and ‘slut shaming’ something I never have done and – would never do,” added Chloe Grace.

But the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star decided to snark right back with a tweet proclaiming that no one had heard of Moretz.

“let’s all welcome @ChloeGMoretz to twitter, since no one knows who she is. your nylon cover is cute boo.”


Also entering into the backlash was Piers Morgan, reported the Mirror.

Just as Piers was presenting Good Morning Britain with co-host Susanna Reid, Morgan faced the fury of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star following his mockery of her naked selfie.

Kim Kardashian bashed Piers Morgan after he mocked her nude selfie.
Kim Kardashian bashed Piers Morgan after he mocked her nude selfie. [Photo by John W. Ferguson/Getty Images]

“hey @piersmorgan never offer to buy a married woman clothes. thats on some ashley madison type sh*t #forresearch,” she tweeted.

Piers had joked about her comment that she had nothing to wear.

“I know the old man’s $50 million in debt, Kim — but this is absurd. Want me to buy you some clothes?” tweeted Morgan.

Piers’ co-host Susanna thought it was quite entertaining, particularly with regard to having the bash occur while Morgan was broadcasting.

“Bit shocked/impressed that @KimKardashian is tweeting our @piersmorgan while we’re on air,” she tweeted.

However, Morgan had a theory on what was happening.

“Fairly sure @kanyewest just seized control of @KimKardashian’s phone,” wrote Piers.

As to accusations that Photoshop rather than diet and exercise deserve credit for that whittled waistline in the naked selfie? Celebrity fitness expert Lisa DeFazio, MS, RDN, told Hollywood Life that after checking out the reality star’s hourglass selfie shape, she thinks Photoshop was used.

“It is highly likely she photoshopped it,” declared Lisa. “The lines around her hips and waist look a little bumpy… Naturally she has always had an hourglass figure, but it appears really exaggerated in this picture.”

Does Kim Kardashian use Photoshop to accentuate her hourglass figure for selfies?
Does Kim Kardashian use Photoshop to accentuate her hourglass figure for selfies? [Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]

While the selfie brouhaha breaks the Internet, rumors are swirling that the reality TV star is so frustrated with husband Kanye West that she’s considering divorcing him. However, as his Twitter rants and meltdowns continue, West has issued an ultimatum that he will never grant her a divorce, a family insider told Radar Online.

“Kim’s trapped in this marriage and it’s dawning on her that he’ll never let her go, no matter how bad things get between them. She’s desperately miserable. Kanye’s lost the plot and he’s out of control with his anger right now.”

Moreover, the reality TV star feels that West has embarrassed not just her but the entire Keeping Up With The Kardashians clan.

“He’s humiliated her and her family,” added the insider.

Exacerbating the problems in their marriage is the jealousy that Kanye experiences when he sees his wife talking with attractive male models during Fashion Week events, sources told the New York Daily News.

“He gets jealous when men pay what he thinks is too much attention to her,” revealed one source. “It happens in Paris, L.A., New York and everywhere.”

The source described an incident in which West discovered a handsome man chatting with the KUWTK diva.

“Kanye walked right up to Kim and said, ‘Who’s this guy? You like this guy?’ ” recalled the source.

The male model responded by revealing that he was married with twins.

However, the source shared that although West views it as “show business” when people look at photos of Kardashian in magazines or online, it’s a very different matter in the real world.

“He’s only OK with her having nonthreatening male friends,” added the insider.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]