December 27, 2017
Fans Not Happy With 'The Vampire Diaries' Time Jump

Fans have not been happy with the time jump in The Vampire Diaries. While the initial glimpses three years into the future were fun, March 4's episode, I Would For You, made a half-hearted attempt to push forward.

There are still a lot of storylines that do not make sense. With the time jump finally taking place and all the episodes in the future, it means flashbacks are going to be required. Fans had hoped to get all the answers from the hit vampire show before the actual permanent jump took place.

Fans saw Damon Salvatore decide that he was not a good vampire without Elena. He was going to let himself desiccate beside her for 60 years until Bonnie died and she woke up. Stefan tried to get him to stop, and Bonnie made it very clear she was not happy about never seeing her best friend again, but it did not stop him from closing the shutter to the compartment and the lid on the coffin.

This did allow the time jump to take place. The Vampire Diaries fans got to see Damon quickly desiccate, showing that three years was quickly passing by. It then led to a series of quick reminders of some of the flash forward clips.

Not all of the storylines have been caught up. All The Vampire Diaries fans got to see was the clips in chronological order to get to how Stefan was tied up opposite Rayna. It also leaves the series with a cliffhanger before the next episode on April 1, as Damon told Stefan it was his idea to transfer Rayna's mark to him instead; saving Stefan's life in the process.

However, Klaroline fans have been the most disappointed. There have been hints after the mid-season premiere that Klaroline is back on the cards in The Vampire Diaries. In the flash forwards, Caroline was last seen in New Orleans, learning that Klaus was no longer there; and had not been there for three years. This could be a ruse, but it could have also been a red herring to draw viewers back in as the series declines.Fans also want to know what has happened to Bonnie over the last three years, as she was last seen in a group therapy session. It is clear that Damon choosing to desiccate for the next 60 years on The Vampire Diaries deeply hurt her, and is it possible that she fell into a state of depression because of that? This is going to need some flashbacks to tell that story.Another one is something Steroline fans are not happy with. On The Vampire Diaries, fans were reminded that Caroline said she hated her ex-boyfriend and was now engaged to Alaric. How did that happen on the series? Also, how did Matt come to work with Rayna to lure Stefan to her? How did Rayna escape from The Armory?

WHDH states that it was like the writers decided The Vampire Diaries' link between the present and the future (now the past and the present) would do. It was a half-hearted attempt, and it has not made fans happy. There are still so many storylines left unfinished in the past, and there are worries that they will just be forgotten about since they do not center around the main two characters, the Salvatore brothers.

This could be The Vampire Diaries' final season. Many fans have been waiting for it considering they saw the end without Nina Dobrev's Elena. Now there are hints that The Vampire Diaries could end without all the storylines being wrapped up, unless the characters move to New Orleans with the Mikaelson brothers, as The Inquisitr reports is rumored.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]