Royal Bodyguard For Prince Harry Spills Royal Secrets [Gossip]

From late night KFC runs to streaking through the palace, Prince Harry can be a handful when it comes to staying safe and out of harm’s way. At 31, Prince Harry is still living a single playboy lifestyle with no end in sight. The Prince, who is still huge fodder for the tabloids and social media, continues to keep fans and subjects of the United Kingdom monarchy guessing.

According to the Inquisitr, even Prince Harry’s wildest friends have paired off and settled down, but Prince Harry is still playing the field. Sure, the prince has a type — it seems he likes blondes — but he doesn’t stay with one for too long, and when he gets into trouble, he seems to have a harem. But if you look at his father Prince Charles, and his uncle, Prince Andrew, you will see that the Windsor biological clock has a serious snooze button when it comes to the men, many of which haven’t gotten married until after age 50. This means that Prince Harry has almost another 20 years to party. As the saying goes, he gets older, but the girls stay the same age.

OK Magazine is reporting that Prince Harry’s former bodyguard is dishing some dirt about the wild and crazy prince, who seems to stay one step ahead of Queen Elizabeth when it comes to getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Prince Harry’s serious girlfriends have been Cheesy Davy and Cressida Bonas, both blonde and similar looking. The bodyguard said that he even bought a blonde wig for a woman he was dating that wasn’t blonde.

Photos were released of a naked Prince Harry partying in Las Vegas, but the bodyguard confirmed that Prince Harry invited four models over to streak through the palace when Queen Elizabeth wasn’t home.

And though Prince Harry is fit and has chefs at his disposal, his guilty pleasure is KFC, and he craves a Big Box Meal.

“No way would he accept a substitute,” a guard said. “He loves that chicken!”

But perhaps the most curious rumor is that Prince Harry has private chats over the phone with Posh Spice Victoria Beckham.

Starpulse says that one of the funniest stories about Prince Harry involves Prince George and a special gift. It seems that Prince Harry gave Prince George a whoopee cushion, and showed him how to play tricks on his nannies and his parents.

But the Daily Mail says Prince Harry’s latest hookup in a 22-year-old American named Juliette Labelle, who really enjoys teasing that relationship on Instagram. Labelle, who works in fashion PR, and is an aspiring actress, posted a photo of herself and her puppy, captioned with the sentence “It’s getting really serious between us.” Nothing like hooking up with Prince Harry to give your acting career a shot in the arm.

Then, according to Bustle, is the Prince Harry/Pippa Middleton rumor that won’t die. The buzz goes that Princess Kate caught Prince Harry and sister Pippa “snogging” in the bathroom at her wedding to Prince William, and she was not at all happy, there is no confirmation to this bit of dirt, but allegedly, Queen Elizabeth believes one Middleton in the family is quite enough.

Do you believe what you read about the hard partying Prince Harry?

[Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images]