Rush Limbaugh Says GOP Faces ‘Utter Chaos’ If They Snatch Nomination From Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may be leading the race to the GOP nomination, but Rush Limbaugh has something to say regarding the overall dislike of Trump among members of the party.

Limbaugh, who is a well-known conservative political commentator, said in an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, that there would be “utter chaos” if the GOP decides to snatch away the nomination from Trump in a party convention.

The radio talk show said that if Trump is not able to reach the majority of 1,237 delegates in order to automatically win the nomination, the Republican Party may take it away from him.

When that happens, according to Limbaugh, there will be a “walk-out” and “utter chaos.” Such a scenario will just show the real situation of the entire “Republican Party at its base.”

Rush Limbaugh Explains the Trump Effect on the GOP

Mitt Romney, who was the presidential nominee in 2012 against President Barack Obama, launched some serious political attacks against the billionaire in a speech on March 3.

“Let me put it plainly: If we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished,” he said about the GOP frontrunner.

In NBC’s Meet the Press, Romney further criticized and questioned Trump’s credentials in his business ventures.

The 2012 Republican nominee pointed out that while Trump has made a lot of money for himself, he cannot be considered a self-made man because he “inherited a lot of money from his dad.”

In addition, Romney said that Trump has had many failures, crushed people along the way, failed in businesses, and is not a business genius.

“Here’s what I know: Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud,” said Romney about Trump, who endorsed him during the 2012 general elections.

Rush Limbaugh said in the Fox News interview that Romney is doing the same thing that his father, George Romney did when he and other Republicans opposed the nomination of Barry Goldwater in 1964.

According to the Republicans at that time, Goldwater was a crazed extremist and did not deserve to represent the GOP.

Limbaugh added that the Republican Party or establishment does not want outsiders or conservatives to represent them. He believes the GOP does not want to lose control of the party despite the fact that Trump has been successful so far in creating a support base that the Republicans need in order to win.

“Donald Trump is putting together a coalition that the Republican Party says is exactly what it needs to win. And, yet look what they’re doing. They’re trying to get Trump out of the race because they’re not in charge of it,” said Rush Limbaugh.

In Limbaugh’s statement, it is Trump’s stance on certain policies and issues that cast fear among Republicans.

When Wallace asked Limbaugh if he was okay with Trump being the nominee, and he answered, “you deal with what you end up getting.”

“I think with the case of Trump, there’s a much bigger upside than downside,” he said.

The “king” of conservative radio talk shows showed his support for Trump after the Republican Party tried to derail Trump’s campaign through Romney.

Limbaugh said that something remarkable is happening in the Republican side, and that the only ones who are not seeing it are the ones who control or taking charge of the GOP.

“These people in the Establishment have been telling us they’re the ones to fix everything, and everything they’ve tried to fix, they’ve botched,” said Rush Limbaugh.

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