Conor McGregor Hints At Another Nate Diaz Fight, Admits He Panicked

The Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz fight from UFC 196 is one that will go down in history. These two were both out for the win, and Nate ended up victorious. Now Conor is hinting that he wants to fight Nate Diaz again in the future. It doesn’t look like it is over between these two. TMZ shared that Conor went to Twitter to speak out about his hopes for another fight.

Conor went to Twitter to talk about Nate, but he was not the only fighter that he was sending a message to.

“Aldo you are a p***y. Dos anjos you are a p***y. When the history books are written, I showed up. You showed up on Twitter.To the fans! Never ever shy away from challenges. Never run from adversity. Face yourself head on. Nate I will see you again.”

That wasn’t all that Conor McGregor had to say though. McGregor is now admitting what happened during his fight with Diaz.

“I stormed in and put it all on the line. I took a shot and missed. I will never apologize for taking a shot. S**t happens. I’ll take this loss like a man. I will not shy away from it. I will not change who I am. If another champion goes up 2 weights let me know. If your tired of me talking money, take a nap. I’ll still be here when you wake up with the highest PPV and the gate. Still talking multi 7’s.”

Another fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz is definitely something that fans would love to see, but don’t expect it to happen any time soon. Diaz took this fight with just 11 days notice, but he had been training for a triathlon, so Diaz was in good shape. A lot of guys won’t take a fight with that little notice, but Nate doesn’t shy away from a good fight at all.

MSN shared that Conor McGregor did admit that part of the problem he had on the Nate Diaz fight was that he actually panicked. McGregor was choked out by Diaz with 48 seconds remaining in Round 2, and he said that he went into “panic mode.” He shared that when the energy shifted, Nate capitalized on it. McGregor said that he will take it on and learn from it though. Conor McGregor did say that it was him fighting a bigger man. He is not used to fighting in that weight class, and Diaz is bigger than him. Conor says that Nate’s weight allowed him to take some of the shots he got through on Conor McGregor.

If Conor McGregor does learn a lot from this fight, that could be bad for Nate Diaz the next time that they end up fighting each other. These two didn’t touch gloves before the fight and made it pretty obvious they aren’t friendly outside of the octagon. McGregor is already thinking about his next fight. Conor McGregor still has plans to fight in UFC 200 on July 9, but he is likely to return to the 145lb division to defend his featherweight belt after that one. He isn’t cut or hurt from the fight with Diaz, so there is no reason that he won’t be able to fight again that soon.

Do you want to see another fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz in the future? Do you think that Dana White will put them in the octagon together again? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images]