McDonald’s Is Now Delivering Macarons To The Lucky People In South Korea

McDonald’s is slowly answering the prayers of macaron-lovers everywhere one location at a time. According to The Daily Meal McDonald’s has expanded its McDelivery service to include macarons made in France by Chateau Blanc.

For just 1800 won (about $1.45 USD) each, customers in South Korea can have these tasty treats – available in vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, and caramel flavors – delivered straight to their doorstep.

In 2007, McDonald’s Paris McCafés – mini-McDonald’s where customers could find free Wi-Fi and coffee served in porcelain cups – began selling “little macs,” which according to Slate, came from “Holder, the company that owns Ladurée.”

Analysts suspect that this decadent upgrade is an effort to gain a more upscale customer base that its other products would not typically attract.

McDonald’s has been known to up its efforts when it comes to the needs of its customer. For example, last December more than 600 McDonald’s locations in southern California began testing table service accompanied by a newly expanded “TasteCrafted Burgers and Chicken” menu.

Options on the customizable, and newly renamed, “Chef Crafted” menu included a beef patty, and grilled or buttermilk chicken paired with either a sesame seed, potato, or artisan roll. Customers then had the choice of finishing off their sandwiches with “bundled toppings” like “Buffalo Bacon,” which included a blue cheese spread, spicy buffalo sauce, Applewood smoked bacon, a tomato, and shredded lettuce.

McDonald’s has also added churros and dipping sauces to its McDelivery menu. Dipping sauce flavors include chocolate, caramel, and strawberry. The minimum order amount to qualify for McDelivery service is 8000 won (~ $6.43 USD), reports Brand Eating.

Macarons and churros are just the beginning of new menu items for McDonald’s customers in South Korea. CNBC reports that McDonald’s will also begin serving beer.

According to a company statement, customers who purchase a Signature Burger EVM at the Pangyo Techno Valley restaurant in Gyeonggi province can swap out the normal soft drink with a beer for a small upgrade charge.

Although McDonald’s offers alcoholic beverages in various European locations, this will be the first time an Asian location will serve anything besides soft drinks since 2004, reports NBC Los Angeles.

The company said that the Pangyo Techno Valley location is primarily frequented by adults due to the number of corporate buildings in the area. McDonald’s also said that customers will have to show a valid driver’s license or other form of identification to order a beer.

According to the World Health Organization, the minimum drinking age in South Korea is 19.

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