Larry Flynt Asks Donald Trump To Prove He Has A 'Huge Penis'

Diana Price

In the most recent GOP debate, held on March 3, the stage degenerated into an embarrassing debacle with candidates Marco Rubio and Donald Trump resorting to trading verbal jabs over penis size, as horrified voters looked on. Trump insisted that he had no worries in that department, but one notorious publisher is asking him to put his money where his mouth is and prove it. Well, maybe not where his mouth is, but a bit farther south.

Dead State reports that Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt has written an open letter asking Trump to prove his penis size by, well, showing it to all of us.

"So far we've only had your word that you have a huge penis. But there has been no objective authority who was made a verification of your claim. I am making you an offer that you must not refuse if anyone is to believe you. I have a team of doctors ready to contact the examination required to confirm your post. If you reject this offer, I can only conclude that you're not the man you say you are and that you're bragging about your penis size is this Friday at fraudulent as Trump University. Please contact me immediately. Sincerely, Larry Flynt."

As an even more compelling barometer to just how far this train has gone off the track, it's fair to say that in no other previous election cycle have we had so many articles talking about the presidential race with the word "penis."

Some people may argue Flynt is making more sense than some of the people actually running for president, as he taunted Trump about defending his credibility in the open letter and pointed out that this wasn't a hostile attack by the media that dredged up all the nonsense.

"The credibility of your entire campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination hangs in the balance on the basis of one all-important issue: the size of your penis. This issue has been put on the agenda, not by your opponents, not by inquiring press corps, and not by any of your former wives or mistresses. You, yourself, raised this issue in the GOP presidential debate on March 3. You said: 'He (Sen. Rubio) referred to my hands — if they're small, something else must be small. I guarantee there's no problem. I guarantee.'"

Why did Flynt bestow this honor on Trump, with so many potential candidates for his barbed wit? Well, besides calling him a "xenophobic, racist, sexist, ego maniacal, gibbering idiot pandering to the lowest common denominator," Flynt compared Trump to another president he holds in contempt.

"Not so long ago, we elected another halfwit Republican president who 'listened to his gut,' had the attention span of a caffeinated parakeet, boasted of his business experience as a qualification for world leadership, and whose knee-jerk invasions in the Middle East sparked the metastasizing troubles that Donald Trump 'doesn't understand.' God help us if we elect another one."

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]