Marco Rubio Gay Rumor: Here’s Where The Whole Thing Comes From

Marco Rubio has come under fire recently from some in the Republican establishment for “going blue” against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

For the longest time, he was considered an ideal establishment candidate because he was young, spoke often about conservative ideals, and kept the focus on issues instead of hand sizes.

But now that he has over-corrected in his fight with “the Donald,” Rubio has had difficulties at the ballot box.

While that is understandable to a degree — after all, how are you going to win a gutter war with the king of it? — there is another part of this whole thing that is completely unfair to the candidate.

Namely the recently surfaced Marco Rubio gay rumors.

This is one that you’re likely to hear come up often among Trump’s “poorly educated” supporters. Apparently, Marco Rubio was arrested as a high school student while in the wrong place at the wrong time.

That wrong place was none other than Miami’s notorious Alice Wainwright Park, which has a reputation for gang violence, drugs, and prostitution (of both the heterosexual and homosexual varieties).

The right wing media site InfoWars took this and ran with it, reporting a story that took several large leaps of logic to arrive at the idea that Marco Rubio was a “very extroverted homosexual” in college.

Here’s how they did it.

First of all, Rubio was arrested with friend Angel Barrios and one other male individual. The police statement indicated the trio were “drinking beer” after curfew.

Charges were eventually dropped without incident, as is often the case for smaller offenses that take place at the park.

Building on that “momentum,” InfoWars reports that Marco Rubio once attended a “foam party,” a fact that Rubio himself backs up on this Tonight Show appearance at around the 36-second mark.

Foam parties are social events in which participants dance to music while covered in several feet of suds or bubbles dispensed from a foam machine.

Rubio says that he went to only one in his life, and InfoWars apparently has pictures of it, where he and other men appear to be bare-chested.

Furthermore, the website caught a snapshot of a high school Marco Rubio doing a Chippendale-styled dance in an all-male revue during a school-sponsored talent competition.

Again, Rubio and the gang are bare-chested and looking somewhat like the Village People.

Image via InfoWars, linked above
Image via InfoWars, linked above

InfoWars gets the “extroverted homosexual” stuff from unnamed “GOP insiders.”

The last bit of “evidence,” and the “smoking gun,” according to some of your delusional family members, includes the fact that Angel Barrios, Rubio’s buddy who was with him the night of the arrest, was landlord of a building in which an online porn operator “specializing in Latino and black gay sex (‘CocoDorm’),” was operating.

Barrios attested that he had no idea the operation was going on in one of his buildings, and the owners of the website later confirmed as much.

According to conspiracy theorists, it all adds up to one clear conclusion: Marco Rubio is gay.

Hopefully, you picked up on the sarcasm there, as none of this is concrete evidence that the Florida senator and GOP third-place candidate is a homosexual.

There is also ample evidence to suggest he is not, including the four children and the former Miami Dolphins cheerleader wife.

Nevertheless, this is the internet, so the rumor will likely continue to be “fact” in the minds of many. But the next time you hear it, point them toward this post. Or unfollow, as this typically shows up on Facebook more than anywhere else.

What do you think about the Marco Rubio gay rumors, and should the Senator get out of the race now or wait to see how he performs in the Florida primary? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Marco Rubio Facebook]