DJ Whoo Kid Talks Being Caught In The Middle Of Drake And Meek Mill’s Feud: ‘I Never Choose Sides’

Drake and Meek Mill’s feud may have escalated last month after the Philly rapper took to Instagram to blast DJ Whoo Kid for allegedly siding with Drake amid their ongoing diss war, but it looks like DJ Whoo Kid is now aiming to set the record straight about his involvement in Drake and Meek Mill’s headline-making feud.

DJ Whoo Kid speaks on his involvement in Drake and Meek Mill's feud.
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DJ Whoo Kid opened up about his involvement in Drake and Meek Mill’s ongoing beef during an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra on Thursday, telling the radio program that Meek Mill’s response to his Instagram post about the rapper’s feud with Drake was the result of a misunderstanding between himself and Meek.

Last month, DJ Whoo Kid took to Instagram to share a funny, fan-created video of Drake and Meek Mill battling it out in a wrestling match via a remixed version of the WWE 2K16 video game. While the comical rendition of Drake and Meek Mill’s feud may have been an instant hit among fans, it’s clear that Meek Mill wasn’t too pleased with DJ Whoo Kid’s decision to share the video on his Instagram page, prompting the rapper to lash out at DJ Whoo Kid for seemingly siding with Drake amid their ongoing battle, XXL Magazine reports.

“[You] ate dinner with that man [Drake] one time now you going crazy,” Meek Mill wrote in the comments section of DJ Whoo Kid’s video, “Y’all n***** like b*****. Take you out to eat, now [you] sucking his d***! Stop playing wit me DJ Whoo Kid. My last time saying something.”

Speaking on his social media spat with Meek Mill to the U.K.-based radio show, DJ Whoo Kid admits that he wasn’t bothered by Meek Mill’s response to the viral video because he felt that Meek wrongly assumed that he was taking sides with Drake in their ongoing feud.

“I automatically assumed he was unaware, or he just assumed too much because the night before [posting the video], I got drunk with Drake,” DJ Whoo Kid explains, noting that he posted several videos of his hang-out session with Drake the night before sharing the WWE video of Drake and Meek’s brawl.

“I guess he assumed … I guess he trolled my Instagram and saw that I was with Drake,” DJ Whoo Kid continues, “so he probably thought I was choosing sides.”

DJ Whoo Kid further dispels claims suggesting that he sided with Drake in the rapper’s escalating beef with Meek Mill given his longtime friendship with 50 Cent, admitting, “I never choose sides. I know the levels of how deep the beef is … the Meek Mill thing, I don’t think is that deep, but they are beefing so I just let them handle it.”

In addition, DJ Whoo Kid admits that it was a close friend who ended up tipping him off about the video game parody of Drake and Meek Mill’s feud and that it wasn’t ended to be a dig at Meek Mill following his late-night hangout with Drake in Toronto.

“I put seven pieces of the fight video on my Instagram … it already had a million views so I thought I wasn’t gonna get in trouble … I thought it was organically funny. So I put it up, I get on the flight [to Miami] and while I’m in the sky flying … Meek Mill goes on my Instagram and he’s killing me,” DJ Whoo Kid continues while paraphrasing Meek’s comments on his video.

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