Terrorist Stash Closes Country Park, Items Include Explosives And Bomb Making Components

An individual strolling through a country park received the fright of his life after happening upon a stash of explosives and bomb making materials, hidden by suspected terrorists. Police have labeled the find as a “significant terrorist hide,” and warn residents to be extra vigilant as they are out and about.

The explosive stash was found at the Carnfunnock County Park in Northern Ireland on Saturday afternoon, according to the BBC. A passerby noticed the suspicious objects and notified the authorities. When the police arrived they were stunned to find a stash of barrels buried in a wooded area of the country park, each filled with terrorism materials.

“[It] was a significant amount of bomb making components including partially constructed devices and a small quantity of explosives”.

Authorities are not sure who placed the bomb making materials in the location, but ensure that each item will undergo an extensive forensic investigation in hopes of finding clues to the origination of the items. Det Ch Insp Gillian Kearny warns the public against making accusations against any one group of individuals at this time, claiming it is simply too soon in the investigation to point fingers.

“Until this has been completed, it is too early to link these items to any particular grouping, but we are following a number of lines of enquiry. I would ask the public to remain vigilant, wherever they are and whatever they are doing.”

For the time being, the Carnfunnock County Park will remain closed as it is scoured for other explosive devices and it is deemed that the park is once again safe to enjoy, according to Metro.

“We apologise that the park will remain closed for some time while a full clearance operation is carried out, but I hope people will understand the need to put public safety first.”

Terrorist Stash found
[Photo Via: Google Maps]

The find occurred barely a day after a car bomb detonated beneath a prison van in Belfast, placed there by the Dissidents. Although it is not known at this time if the two events are related, the Dissidents have publicly stated that they plan to inflict a reign of violence upon Dublin in response to the “centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising against British Rule,” according to Metro.

Despite the coincidence of the timing, police want to ensure that no one jumps to conclusions before the facts have been sorted out.

Terrorist attacks across the world have everyone walking on eggshells as they look over their shoulders, wondering where the next attack will occur, it at all. In this case, the explosive materials were found prior to any attack, allowing them to be disposed of in a safe manner without worry of harm on human life. However, one large stash could mean that others are out there, so police are urging residents to report any suspicious activity.

“If people report suspicious activity to police, we will act on it to keep people safe.”


Carnfunnock County Park is normally a joyous place where families gather for a day of fun and relaxation, where worries of the troubles outside fade away into oblivion for a short period of time. However, the terrorist stash has many wondering just how safe they might be inside the Utopian sanctuary.

Residents of Ireland have commended the police force for urging everyone to wait for the investigation to determine the source prior to jumping to conclusions, complimenting the attempt at removing religious and race motivation from the headlines, instead referring to the terrorists as just people with ill intent.

Jim Smith shared his opinion on the matter.

“[W]hilst terrorists disguise themselves as religious, they are anything but religious… all terrorism stories should leave religion out of it and stop dignifying terrorist claims.”

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