Donald Trump Encourages Marco Rubio to Drop Out of Presidential Race

On Saturday night, Republican presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump encouraged fellow candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to drop out of the race.

According to ABC News, Trump made the comments at a press conference at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla. after winning the Louisiana primary and Kentucky caucuses.

“I think Marco Rubio had a very, very bad night, and personally, I would call for him to drop out of the race,” said Trump, who felt the reason why he did so well was because he and the candidates had a good debate.

Trump continued, “I don’t think tonight he can get up and rant and rave. And, oh, he did great. He comes in third. Every time he comes in third or fourth – you’ve got to be able to win. He has not been able to win and I think it is time he drops out.”

Trump thanked both the people of Louisiana and Kentucky and even congratulated Sen. Ted Cruz on his caucus wins in Maine and Kansas. However, he couldn’t help himself but to throw a jab at Cruz, adding he would like to take him on one on one.

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Donald Trump speaking during a press conference at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

“He should do well in Maine, because it’s very close to Canada, let’s face it,” said Trump, who believes his campaign is going good in Florida, according to RealClear Politics.

Marco Rubio, meanwhile, was in Puerto Rico on Saturday ahead of today’s nominating contest being held there. He spoke to reporters about the so-called “Super Saturday.”

“These states have a certain profile that other candidates do better in,” said Rubio. “Tonight we will have more delegates than we did last night.”

Former Florida Congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough described “Super Saturday” as a “Saturday night massacre,” in a Washington Post column, and echoed Trump’s comments for Rubio to drop out of the presidential race.

“The establishment’s landslide choice to win the GOP nomination no longer seems capable of even finishing in second place,” said Scarborough, who noted that voters were turned off by Rubio for trying to top Trump in the insult department.

Scarborough continued, “If the Florida senator wants to salvage his political career, it is time that his quixotic quest for the White House comes to an end.”

Rubio’s political career, according to Scarborough, has been damaged by his “lackluster” presidential run, and has been encouraged to run for reelection as a senator.

Paul Mulshine, a reporter for The Star Ledger, said that Marco Rubio is “a one-trick pony” and is so far behind in the polls, that it wasn’t worth it for him to visit the four states that had primaries on Saturday, let alone any state.

“Rubio’s been relegated to a beauty contest contender. The fight now is between Trump and Ted Cruz,” said Mulshine, who noted that while Trump and Cruz won 14 states, the Florida senator has only won Minnesota.

Mulshine continued, “This is the year of the anti-establishment candidate. Rubio is pro-establishment.”

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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

However, according to NBC News, Marco Rubio received a rousing reception at the Conservative Political Action Conference held in National Harbor, Md. He was reported to have received the “boldest” and loudest response of any of the presidential candidates, by talking about having a strong future and of course, bashing Donald Trump.

“Young Americans have a chance to fulfill an incredible potential,” said Rubio. “But we have to give them a chance. And they won’t have a chance if a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is elected. And they won’t have a chance if the conservative movement is hijacked by someone who isn’t a conservative.”

Further, Marco Rubio was praised by Republican consultant William F.B. O’Reilly for taking on Donald Trump during Thursday’s Republican debate.

“Rubio, the senator from Florida, risked everything to give Trump a taste of the vile stuff that the billionaire businessman has been dishing out to candidate after candidate,” said O’Reilly.

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