Mariah Carey ‘Nightmare’ Claims: She’ll Be A Horror To Work With On American Idol

Mariah Carey will likely be a nightmare to work with when she takes over season 12 of American Idol. According to sources who have experienced Carey’s ultimate diva attitude she is almost always late, has an attitude about everything and doesn’t listen.

One source claims that Idol’s $18 million judge couldn’t even handle mentoring singers when she last appeared on American Idol in 2008.

A source close to her last AI appearance tells TMZ:

“Mariah Carey was a ‘nightmare to work with’ during her brief stint as a guest mentor…She was incredibly late for her shoot at the Beverly Hills Hotel, ‘not very nice at all,’ and ridiculously nitpicky about tiny details.”

That same source says Jennifer Lopez despite her fame and fortune was super easy to work with and compared to Mariah Carey it was “night and day.”

Apparently J. Lo was all business, she wanted in and out as quickly and possible and for that reason the show hummed along at all times.

In the meantime American Idol producers may have at least one more Mariah Carey type “nightmare” to deal with depending on their next choice in judge. At this time the final judging replacement for J. Lo and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has not been announced.

According to the Wall Street Journal the show’s producers are currently interviewing dozens of replacement judges who can bring “star power and credibility” to the table.
Some fans of American Idol are calling for an “average American” to be chosen as the shows final judge, a move that would allow regular American fans of the show to have a larger voice.

I’m going to give Mariah Carey the benefit of the doubt, maybe she’ll treat the AI job as J. Lo did, an in and out experience that pays a ton of money for very very very little work.