'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Abraham Is Doomed, No One Is Safe -- Will Daryl Or Glenn Also Fall To Negan?

There have been a lot of new characters introduced in The Walking Dead during the second half of Season 6. Usually, when TWD adds characters, it also means that someone has to go. There have already been several teases that the Season 6 finale is going to be bloody and that someone is going to die. Now fans are dying to find out if one of their favorite TWD characters is making their exit and when.

Let's start off with who won't die and why. Rick and Carl are definitely safe and are huge characters with very important story arcs in the comic books. If The Walking Dead killed off either of them now, the story would soon be over, so they are safe. Fans also believe that Michonne will be just fine despite some recent and very unpopular rumors that she might die. The reasoning behind Michonne's survival is simple. She has replaced Andrea's storyline from the comics in a major way and even became Rick's love interest and the mother figure for Carl and Judith.

It's also pretty safe to say that Maggie will survive, at least until the finale of Season 6. Beyond that, fans believe that she will continue on and have Glenn's baby. This could also be a major arc for The Walking Dead heading into future seasons, where Alexandria starts to rebuild and survivors start to rebuild and procreate. In Episode 11, "Knots Untie," Abraham wondered aloud about whether or not he should start a family. We know he is currently torn between Rosita and Sasha, ultimately deciding later that he can't deal with a post-apocalypse family.

Based on a bit of foreshadowing and the fact that AMC is starting to align with the TWD comic books more with each episode, we have to prepare for the upcoming death of Abraham. As Movie Pilot pointed out, Abraham's behavior has fans concerned about his stability. A recent run in with a walker and Abraham's near-death experience in Episode 11 are proving that the red-headed soldier is a loose cannon.

As the series aligns with the comic books, this means that Abraham's death is coming, and AMC took another step in that direction when Sasha switched shifts, leaving Abraham to continue his watch with Eugene instead. In the comics, it is right around this time frame that one of Negan's men named Dwight takes Abraham out right in front of Eugene.

Abraham's death happens after Rick and the survivors take off in pursuit of Negan. In the comics,, Rick catches up with Negan's men and kills them all except one. In possibly Rick's biggest mistake ever, he sends one of Negan's Saviors back with a message that Alexandria is not to be messed with. Negan is not the bluffer that Daryl thought he was, though, because the newest villain in the TWD series hasn't even appeared on-screen yet and he's already taking down Rick's men. Dwight is sent by Negan to send a message back, and he does just that by sinking an arrow into Abraham while he casually chats with Eugene. It's not quite a heroic death, which is unfortunate for Abraham, because fans would have at least liked to see him go down fighting.

As for Glenn and Daryl, they are also in a very scary position as far as death is concerned for Season 6 of The Walking Dead. In the comics, Daryl doesn't exist, and many already know that his character was allowed to continue from season to season because he became such a huge fan favorite. Norman Reedus' character still is one of the most-talked-about characters on The Walking Dead, but that hasn't quieted stories that he is going to die. TV Guide recently published a poll where fans voted on who they thought Negan would kill on or before the Season 6 finale. A majority of voters felt that Daryl is going to die, with Glenn coming in a close second.

We know in the comics that Glenn gets killed as Negan makes his grand entrance. Executive Producer Robert Kirkman teased last year that Negan will kill Glenn just like in the comics. Since then, there has been a debate about whether Glenn or Daryl will die at the hands of Negan. Someone is getting hit with the gruesome baseball bat covered in barbed wire that Negan refers to as Lucille, that much as been confirmed. Now, TWD fans just want to know who.

Here is the reason that many believe Daryl will die instead of Glenn in one of the most brutal deaths of the comics as it is brought on-screen. Daryl's story arc is over. Reedus' character used to be one of the most pivotal characters in The Walking Dead, and after Beth died, he really serves no purpose except to wander around and kill some walkers from time to time. To further foreshadow his death, Daryl has repeatedly scoffed at just how much of a threat Negan and the Saviors are. Yes, Daryl did take out a bunch of the villainous biker gang with a rocket launcher, and it was epic, but he's not always going to just have a spare rocket launcher laying around. Another reason many believe Daryl Dixon is about to meet Lucille is because he has several projects lined up outside of The Walking Dead, and many just don't expect him to stay on the show while doing his new reality series and a movie. It just makes sense that Norman Reedus is getting ready to move on as the Walking Dead comic books align more and more with the television series.

On the other hand, a new story arc for Glenn is just beginning. If The Walking Dead wants to tell a story about how Glenn and Maggie start a family and recolonize as survivors of a post-apocalyptic world, they can't kill Glenn. Then again, they could leave Maggie as a single mom. Fans seem to think Glenn will survive, though, with Abraham dying next with Daryl following close behind as a few of the biggest characters on The Walking Dead are eliminated to make room for new characters and new story lines.

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