Tim Allen Voices Support For John Kasich, But Kasich Isn’t Impressed

Tim Allen came “out of the closet” during Megyn Kelly’s The Kelly File show, according to Huffington Post. The host of the Fox’s show praised the Home Improvement actor for being “very brave.”

On her own show, Kelly asked Tim Allen his opinion about 2016 presidential race in the U.S., and praised him for his courage to “come out of the closet” as a conservative. She also noted that the actor is one of the few conservatives in Hollywood who speak publicly about their political views.

“It’s very rare for somebody to come out so this is very brave of you, you’re out. You’re out of the closet as a conservative.”

Kelly then asked Tim Allen who his favorite candidate is in 2016 presidential race, and the actor answered that he likes John Kasich, even though he is from Ohio and that’s “a big problem” for Allen personally. And that’s not surprising, since the actor has recently voiced his support for the Ohio governor by doing a voiceover in a new ad, according to Time.

However, apparently the ad wasn’t liked by Kasich himself, which he revealed when asked by Megyn Kelly to give his opinion about Tim Allen’s ad. The 30-second ad features a heartwarming moment that took place at a South Carolina town hall between the Ohio governor and his supporter who had just revealed how depressed he was.

In Tim Allen’s ad, that supporter can be heard as saying that he was “in a really dark place for a long time, but I found hope,” and that this hope he found in the presidential candidate that he supports. Before the two hug, the young man tells the presidential candidate, in which he found hope, that he’d “really appreciate one of those hugs you’ve been talking about.”

However, it turns out Kasich himself was displeased with Tim Allen’s 30-second clip that featured such a touching moment. He told Kelly that something “strikes” him wrong about that ad, adding that the “precious moment” between the supporter and him “spoke for itself.”

“My immediate reaction in hearing about that ad is, I don’t like it. Look, I’m not going to yell at my people, I’m not even connected to, to take something off the air, but I’m not comfortable with that.”

In the ad narrated by Tim Allen, the Home Improvement actor says that being a president is more than the economy or healthcare, as there is “a place for quiet strength,” which is the Oval Office.

In other news, in early February, the media exploded with reports about Tim Allen’s nephew, who was arrested and charged with burglary, according to the Daily Mail. The 26-year-old former professional baseball player was found in the office of an internet marketing company in Pennsylvania after allegedly breaking in.

Tim Allen’s nephew, Cory McGinnis, allegedly shattered the glass in the entrance way to gain access to the office of Eyeflow Internet Marketing in Pittsburgh, as said by Phil LaBoon, who works for the company, in his interview with CBS 2.

“It was locked and he kicked and smashed it out. It was a very heavy glass, and he just kicked his way through it.”

According to reports, McGinnis took pizza from the fridge, charged his phone, turned on air conditioning and fell asleep inside a pillow fort. That’s right: Tim Allen’s nephew allegedly built his own fort made of pillows and then fell asleep inside of it.

After setting off the alarm, the office staff found McGinnis early in the morning, who was sleeping like a baby, according to reports.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]