WWE News: Big Multi-Man Match For WWE Intercontinental Championship Happening At 'WrestleMania 32'

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens now has his second WWE Intercontinental Championship in less than a year. Truly, his main roster run has started to be pretty successful. The real wonder now is how long he will hold onto his title. Heading into WrestleMania 32, it is obvious that WWE will want the championship to be defended. There are various rumors surrounding the title as of now, which have become very interesting.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is planning some sort of multi-man match for the IC Title at WrestleMania. It is uncertain who will be in it, but we can assume some of the top title contenders will take part. While it makes sense for Dean Ambrose to get a title rematch, he is busy with the likes of Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Needless to say, his hands are quite full, and the IC Title seems to be behind him as of now.

Daily Wrestling News reports that the Owens title win a few weeks ago was really not a well thought out plan. In fact, Ambrose losing the title was a decision made the day of the show. In fact, it was not even in that original WWE RAW script. A rewrite came in and saw Ambrose losing the title before WWE Fast Lane. It made sense now, but looking back on it, the idea made virtually no sense at all at the time.

Owens Ambrose
[Image via Sky Sports]Now, Kevin Owens has the title, and will defend it at WrestleMania, but it unknown if he will retain. The rumor is that many are behind the idea of having Owens retain and hold the championship for a while. Of course, depending on who is in the match with him, that could be the idea WWE goes with. There has been a rise among fans to see someone like AJ Styles get the title. Another note is that Sami Zayn could be on the main roster soon, which means he could somehow get into the title mix to take the title away from his former best friend.

Many believe it would be smarter for him to debut after WrestleMania on the normally big WWE RAW show, which would make the most sense. He is set to take on Shinsuke Nakamura at WWE NXT Takeover in Dallas during WrestleMania week. This is already a pretty big moment for Zayn, so it would make sense to hold off on his official main roster debut. However, the rumor going around states that he could very well stay in NXT for a while during his main roster stint similar to Sasha Banks and Kevin Owens. The killer to this is that they both had championships when they first arrived and Zayn does not.

Zayn OWens
[Image via WWE]As for the IC Title itself, it is unknown how WWE wants to treat it after WrestleMania. Last year, they wanted to bring some importance to it, so they put it on a top guy in Daniel Bryan. However, he was sadly hurt, and was not able to bring much prestige back to it. This was sad to see, as many thought he could have done so. Meanwhile, John Cena brought extreme credibility to the WWE United States Title once he won it last year. Now, the U.S. Title is being swapped around like a hot potato, and the IC Title was pretty much nothing of note until late last year into earlier in this year.

It can be assumed that they attempt to bring relevance back to the IC Title, but WWE would need to have a champion hold onto the title for longer than a few months. With Kevin Owens just now winning it, it would be good for him to retain. However, we will have to wait and see if WWE goes through with that.

[Image via WWE]