Google Search ‘Move To Canada’ Jumps Amidst Donald Trump Success

The number of people who have thought about a move to Canada in the last day has spiked significantly enough for many to take to their keyboard and run a search to find out what it would involve. How to move to Canada and what’s involved in moving to Canada are just two of the popular searches run by Americans considering crossing our northern border and running off to the snowy Canadian terrain.

Never in the history of the world has Canada been so popular, and the Trump win on Super Tuesday was the reason.

The Washington Post is reporting that the real winner on Super Tuesday was Canada. They have also discovered that there are apology messages on the official Canadian government website due to heavier than normal traffic. It has long been a saying in the United States, that “if (fill in the blank) happens, I’ll move to Canada.” Most times, this is an idle threat, but now it seems people are really looking into putting their money where their poutine is, and making the leap across the border and into Canada.

Simon Rogers, a data editor at Google commented that a search phrase about moving to Canada was up 350 percent. By midnight on Super Tuesday, the search was up 1,500 percent.

Radio host Rob Calabrese has created a website to share the joys of Canada with their friends south of the border.

“If you have a baby, you get paid leave for almost a year,” Calabrese told the CBC. “If you cut your hand, you can go to the doctor and get stitched up for free.”

According to Time, “How Do You Move to Canada” is a popular search on the internet in the last 24 hours. The largest percentage came from people in Massachusetts, where Trump won in a landslide.

In the immigration website for Canada, one must scroll to the section entitled “Do you want to come to Canada?” In this section, you can find out if you are eligible to actually make the move to Canada. If you qualify, you will need to submit an application which is $365 American dollars or $490 Canadian dollars. The downside? It will take six years of actually being present in Canada before you can become a citizen.

CTV News says that Americans threatening to move to Canada is still trending on Google Trends. This seems to be a common threat when it looks like someone they don’t like might be elected president. But it also seems that not everyone is threatening to move to Canada because of Donald Trump, but many want to jump the border because of the threat that Hillary Clinton might take office. It is unclear if there is an actual percentage of people who truly move to Canada when they don’t get what they want out of an election.

Gawker provided tips from someone who actually moved to Canada after Bush won, to those threatening to move to Canada if Trump wins. Katie Knibbs says it can be done, but it’s expensive, and the Netflix leaves a lot to be desired. She also suggests that having a Canadian family member is the best way to make the move, as they can sponsor your visa. But she warns that fleeing America because of a presidential election is a serious undertaking, so be really sure you want to do it.

Have you ever threatened to move to Canada?

[Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images]