‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Negan Could Show Up Sooner Than Planned, Who Could He Kill?

Fans of The Walking Dead know that Negan will be showing up this season. This new character on The Walking Dead, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is going to change everything. It has sounded all along like Negan would show up in the season finale of The Walking Dead, but now it is being teased that Negan could show up sooner. Cinema Blend shared that it does appear that Negan could be on The Walking Dead really soon. There are still five episodes left of the season.

Showrunner Scott Gimple is now teasing fans by saying Negan could show up even earlier than planned.

“There have been articles pinpointing exactly when Negan shows up, and that’s a bit disappointing, because they may not be entirely true. There’s kind of a build up. But you might even see him next episode. Absolutely. Well, sort of. Well, definitely. Well, maybe. Maybe not. But possibly.”

More than likely The Walking Dead scene that fans are waiting on with Negan won’t happen until the finale. Negan could be seen from the distance or as a shadow before that, though. As Inquisitr already shared, in the comic books, Negan shows up and kills fan favorite Glenn. Negan uses his weapon of choice, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, and beats him to death. After The Walking Dead bringing back Glenn last season, fans don’t think that Glenn will be the one he takes down this time around.

Now fans are curious to find out whom Negan will kill on The Walking Dead. It is obvious that he is going to come into the series showing everyone he is boss and taking down at least one person when he shows up. TV Guide took a poll from the fans of The Walking Dead on whom they think Negan will kill. They have now made a deal to go kill Negan and the Saviors in exchange for half of Hilltop’s food.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has already shared that his character Negan on The Walking Dead will be a lot like he is in the comics. He will have his weapon, which he calls Lucille, along with him. There is some talk that maybe Negan will take out Michonne. Now that she is sleeping with Rick Grimes, that would be the perfect time to kill her off The Walking Dead and leave him with a broken heart and out for revenge. The woman who plays Michonne has some other jobs going on right now as well. Danai Gurira is set to play Tupac Shakur’s mother in the upcoming biopic All Eyez on Me, and currently stars in Eclipsed, a play she wrote, on Broadway.

Heath is another name that is being thrown around as someone that could be killed on The Walking Dead by Negan. Actually, the poll is coming out that most people still think it will be Glenn. Over 30 percent are picking Glenn as the one who they think will end up dying now. They seem to think that the show will go ahead and do things the same way that they did in The Walking Dead comics.

Are you ready for Negan to show up on The Walking Dead? Whom do you think he will take down when he shows up? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Walking Dead on Sunday nights on AMC. It won’t be long and Negan will show up, taking someone down with him.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]