‘Batman V Superman’: Zack Snyder Shares New Photo From ‘Dawn Of Justice’ — What’s Going On There?

As the release date approaches for Batman v Superman, Zack Snyder has decided to share one more photo to keep the fans excited. It’s not a photo of the two DC Comics superheroes fighting, though, as the movie’s title would suggest.

The photo appears to have been taken from beside what could be a projector, its bolted-on cover about level with something around the corner aimed at the image in question, with a reflection of light. The image itself is a little blurry, almost as though it’s being photographed through glass or transparent plastic. Zack Snyder’s photo does reveal just enough to show us it truly is not a direct sequel to Man of Steel.


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In the latest photo from Batman v Superman, Zack Snyder appears to be watching a scene where a Gotham City Police officer is investigating something and having a hard time understanding what he sees. It’s unclear if the officer is in a cruiser or leaning past an obstruction. In the background is what appears to be Batman, one arm up as though he had just cape-floated into the scene. The other arm may be up as well, but all we can see is the shoulder from that side.

This scene may also be a clue that the film will revolve around Batman at first, as the dark knight takes in what could be residual damage from Superman’s fight with General Zod. It has been stated that the entire fight will erupt due to Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) feeling that Superman (Henry Cavill) had become reckless in his attempt to stop the villain, played by Michael Shannon. Buildings had crumbled in the wake of their battle, and countless lives were taken and threatened, as well.

From the Batman v Superman photo, Zack Snyder appears to be setting this up before Batman suits up in heavier armor and considers Superman to be public enemy number one. This almost seems less revealing than a previous photo the director revealed on Twitter. He and Jason Momoa (who plays Aquaman) posed in front of what appears to be two parts of Batman’s suit, as well as what may be Aquaman’s suit and that of The Flash.

The Flash (Ezra Miller) won’t officially be in the DC cinematic universe until the Justice League movie, though he is rumored to appear in Batman v Superman. Zack Snyder may be hinting at an unannounced cameo, or the possibly accidental reveal may simply be Snyder’s way of saying he’s already got the plans in motion for Justice League Part One.

Some earlier reveals have been slammed, such as the inclusion of Doomsday in one of the trailers for Batman v Superman, where fans believe Zack Snyder gave too much away. Technically, all he did was reveal a major villain, but gave nothing away concerning why Doomsday is there or how he arrived. It has been suggested that Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) took the body of Zod and experimented with it to create the supervillain.

The Doomsday reveal was also slammed for looking too much like an Orc or Uruk from the Lord of the Rings films, with his skin tone and facial structure.

Of course, none of this slamming and potential spoiling has hurt the box office pre-sales for Batman v Superman, and Zack Snyder’s Dawn of Justice could easily topple Deadpool.

[Image via Warner Bros. Pictures]