Mars Civilization Wiped Out By Nuclear Holocaust? Curiosity Rover Spots Crucifix Artifact Near Ruins Of Fallen Mars Temple [Photos]

JohnThomas Didymus

In March 2015, at the 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas, Dr. John Brandenburg, a theoretical plasma physicist and expert in propulsion technologies with a PhD from the University of California at Davis, presented a paper in which he claimed evidence that two ancient Mars civilizations -- the Cydonia and the Utopia -- were wiped out by a series of massive explosions caused by detonations of thermonuclear devices.

According to Brandenburg, a former consultant on Space Missile Defense and Directed Energy Weapons, the evidence supporting his seemingly outlandish thesis comes from two sources: The first, a thin layer of radioactive substances, including uranium, thorium, and radioactive potassium, distributed on the surface of Mars, and nuclear isotopes in the Martian atmosphere similar to what is observed after nuclear bomb tests on Earth.

He warned that the evidence on Mars points to the fact that Earth civilization is under threat of similar attack from the same hostile technologically advanced alien civilization.

Evidence of ancient Mars civilization, according to Brandenburg, also comes from remains of ancient artifacts and architecture which prove that intelligent culture creating alien species had lived on Mars in the past.

But anomaly hunters admit that their work is complicated by the fact that unlike remains of ancient Earth civilizations that are only a few thousands of years old, ancient Mars civilization is millions of years old and thus its material remains have been degraded extremely over time. The archeological evidence, according to Mars anomaly hunters, was also damaged severely by the series of powerful thermonuclear weapons explosions that wiped out the alleged civilizations.

Recently, a French Mars anomaly hunter, Christian Mace, announced to the UFO and alien community that while scrutinizing Curiosity rover photos of the Martian landscape consisting of a rocky mound, he stumbled, incredibly, on evidence of a crucifix-shaped artifact concealed partially behind rocks.

But skeptics have once again dismissed the latest incredible announcement from the UFO and alien community, saying that "discoveries" of familiar human cultural artifacts on Mars are due to a psychological bug of the human mind called apophenia.

According to skeptics, a form of apophenia, called pareidolia, explains frequent announcements of discoveries of humanoid faces on the Red Planet.

But undaunted, members of the UFO and alien communities present the latest bizarre claim, arguing that the crucifix-shaped artifact and the ornate fallen structure spotted in Curiosity rover photo provide evidence of ancient Mars culture and civilization. They have also claimed repeatedly that the goverment is covering up the undisputable evidence of ancient civilizations on Mars.

Although, anomaly hunters suggested that the nature of the cross-shaped artifact and the elaborate design of the caved-in building nearby suggests that they may have had religious significance to the ancient Mars aliens, they stopped short of claiming that ancient Martians were Christians. But they pointed out that just as the cross design is a cross-cultural symbol used by several religious traditions, including Christianity and Hinduism, ancient aliens on Mars may also have adopted the cross shape as a religious symbol.

Commenting on the new discovery, UFO blogger Scott Waring affirmed that the photo by Curiosity rover actually shows a cross close to the "beautifully carved" caved-in roof of a building. The roof, according to Waring, was designed with ornate "archways carved in its top and three thin layered sections."

"This is a very unusual find and probably a significant discovery for some readers here that are religious."

Waring pointed out that Curiosity rover photographed the cross- or crucifix-shaped structure from a direction in which it was blocked partially from view by rocks. He expressed confidence that had the picture been snapped from the other side a full size cross would have been revealed.

[Image via United States Department of Energy/Wikipedia/Public Domain]